Collab Legacy

It’s another legacy! (Like I don’t do them enough…) This one is a collab legacy where everyone starts with the same sim. I believe we’re allowed to change how they look so that’s cool. I’ve decided to try it on short so that it doesn’t drag on endlessly. Since I love the genetics aspect and not so much the scoring I didn’t think it mattered much.  ALSO I super want to do a democracy so I’ll be using that also. I saw Rainy’s post first so I have decided to follow her lead and jump right into the lava pit of a new challenge (you’ve made this too easy for me, ha!)

(I’m so original I used the same text in my opening post woooo.)

We’ll see if I can keep track of scores here. There will be spoilers there.


Succession Laws

  • Strict matriarchy: Only girls are eligible to be named heir. (Like a club house it’s NO BOYS ALLOWED! 😛 )
  • Traditional: Only naturally born children are eligible to be named heir. (Because I like genetics!)
  • Tolerant: The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status. (Yay alien abduction!)
  • Democracy: The heir is chosen by your readers from among the pool of eligible heirs. (SO EXCITE!)

Starting Out
Oh Plum
Finally Kids
Teen Trouble
Gen 2 Heir Vote
Young Adults
Lining Up My Ducks
Gen 3!
Gen 3 Heir Vote
Chop, Chop!
New Year, New Gen!
Gen 4 Heir Vote
Serial Romancer
Aged Up & Scary
We’re Still At It?
Rose is Scary
Find A Dude Already!



Click here for the list of all the stories in the collab. 🙂