Family, Fitness, & Fun Home

The Family, Fitness, & Fun Home (or FF&F Home) is a 2 story home with room for five. Special features include a state of the art atrium fitness room, greenhouse, and outdoor grill station. Also included are an office, laundry room, master bedroom and bath, private balcony, and two smaller bedrooms with a Jack and Jill bath between them.

I’ve gone vanilla again! After the last update I didn’t feel like playing any of my other saves so I started a new one to just play a bit. When I went to move this guy in none of the houses in any of the hoods suited the guy I picked so I had to build one. THEN because I can be a lazy builder I started plopping down rooms from blueprints aaaand things got away from me. The roof above the fitness room happened because I just LOVE glass roofs and the rock wall was too big for short walls and normal roofs. SO I put on MOO and plopped that baby down.

Please take a look at this crazy house! I think it turned out OK despite it’s strange beginning. 🙂

OK, I lied. Before you check out the house please look at this guy I made that lives here now! He’s going to appear in my Amazon story as a possible love interest for someone in the second generation. Who might he be paired with? Who knoooows… He’s TOTALLY not based off of Izuku Midoriya, no way…

Enji Ko

09-16-18_11-55-07 AM


Age: Young Adult (he’s a teen in my Amazon story!)
Traits: Geek, Good, Unflirty + High Metabolism (he may have a secret active trait since I changed one trait from active to unflirty!)
Aspiration: Bodybuilder
Career Ideas: He would do well in either the Athletic or Secret Agent career. I had trouble choosing! (Why not both?)
Likes: Working out, geeking out, preparing and drinking tea
Dislikes: Flirting, confrontation, letting others down
Alternate Look: Green hair and eyes (maybe he cosplays!)

timid 1 shy 1


Character Description:
Growing up, Enji was a gentle and scrawny boy who was often bullied and beat up by the other kids in town. However, after starting high school he decided to change his habits and began strength training. Now as an adult he is a skilled athlete. Despite being absolutely ripped he is still quite timid. His awesome bod, kind face, and sweet demeanor make him a frequent target for flirting and he is regularly rendered a stuttering mess in the presence of his attackers.

09-16-18_3-02-18 PM.png


I also found his future wife while getting pics and she is darn cute!

09-17-18_9-12-45 PM.png

Download Enji and/or Lucia!

cropped couple.png


09-18-18_2-10-39 PM.png


Orrrr find them in game: meggles87 on the gallery / search #meggles

09-18-18_2-51-24 PM.png


OK OK OK, I’m done gushing about my adorable children. Onward to the house!

Family, Fitness, & Fun Home

smaller house


Download here

Note: PLEASE turn on MOO before you plop this puppy!
(bb.moveobjects on)

§122,078.00 | 30×20
I have it placed on the Potter’s Splay lot

meggles87 on the gallery / search #meggles

First Floor

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First Floor Features:

  • Front room family area with large TV and video games
  • Eat in kitchen with table seating for five and two counter seats
  • Laundry room with access to the backyard
  • Office with love seat for reading
  • Atrium gym with rock climbing wall, punching bag, strength machine, and treadmill with access to backyard
  • Full bath adjacent to gym (includes shower and soaking tub)

Second Floor

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Second Floor Features:

  • Small landing at the top of the stairs
  • Master bedroom with sitting area and private entry to the balcony overlooking the front street, back yard, and atrium
  • Balcony homes an assorted of plants and cafe table to drink your morning tea
  • Master bath includes stone soaking tub and shower
  • Two bedrooms with room for one single bed each
  • Adjoining Jack and Jill bath with shower

Greenhouse and Yard

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Greenhouse and Yard Features:

  • The greenhouse has space for flower arranging and keeping your plants year round
  • The outdoor grilling area has ample counter space and small gas grill
  • Picnic table with umbrella for family gatherings
  • Swing set for two
  • Sprinkler and small kiddie pool for lounging
  • More Plants, lol
  • The front yard is a haven for birds with a birdhouse, bird bath, and bird feeder (they are living nicely!)

Floor Plan & Layout

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I hope you enjoyed seeing the house!

Download here

Note: PLEASE turn on MOO before you plop this puppy!
(bb.moveobjects on)

meggles87 on the gallery / search #megg87


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