Legacy Collab: Rose Is Scary

It’s good that we’re back so soon. I forgot how fun it is to just goofy blog. 🙂

I’m the worst, you know, because I always forget birthdays. Our poor heir and spouse lost out. They aged well (?) though…


Little Rose also aged up. She’s not the next heir, of course, but she’s become a fast favorite of mine.

If I could I’d like to leave her a cute little vampire forever! She’s all like, “roooaaar!!!!” Not even scary. (Those TEETH!)

06-09-18_6-25-24 PM


Of course I don’t know anything about vampires. I hope she doesn’t take a lot of babysitting…

oh no vamps


I decided to have her learn a bit about her heritage from the internet. (Isn’t that how we all do it?)

06-09-18_6-39-31 PM


From there she bought a book…

06-09-18_6-40-48 PM


…and a coffin…

not dead yet


…and some plasma packs- wait, she can’t actually eat them, though?! What, is she supposed to drink from actual PEOPLE?

Well, perhaps her fam will be supportive…

must drink


They were not. Not even her mother was like, “yeah, go ahead!”

Guess she’s headed to the park. She brought her dad for support. I’m sure he can help her.

06-09-18_7-07-40 PM


This gal looks like she’ll be OK.

06-09-18_7-08-07 PM


Good luck, Rose.

06-09-18_7-09-10 PM


Soooo they just talked for a long time. (That guy in the costume is from the Cosplay Club and he’s the vampire that was checking out Cookie the day before, haha!)

06-09-18_7-09-38 PM


Her “drink deeply” bubble just hung out above the chat one and I finally just had to cancel out their chatter.

06-09-18_7-10-27 PM


Oh HEY, it’s Vampire Megs!!! (Why is she always jogging? Is this game trying to tell me something???)

06-09-18_7-10-49 PM


Finally, Rose was able to drink – AHHHH!!!!


I forgot I had left in this mod that makes it so children can do more adult vampire things. She doesn’t have a dark form officially so it’s goofy random outfit time for Miss Rose.

Anyway, WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER? I guess she’ll be OK! Hopefully no one gets her again!!!

06-09-18_7-18-01 PM


Ehem… I am sure she will be OK. Back at home Rose helped out immensely by autonomously clearly Killer’s cage. This is great because I was getting ready to release the bugger. I still might but for now I’m happy to know Rose has it under control.

06-09-18_9-35-50 PM


Next time I should focus on Cookie and perhaps find her a man so we can get ready for the next generation. It’s all about speed for me, here. I just wanna see another legacy COMPLETED! pumps fist in air


06-09-18_10-24-20 PM.png



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