Legacy Collab: Gen 3 Heir Vote!

Heir vote time!

I’ve decided to do a pictureless heir vote this time! I believe the girls will look similarly this time around; they both have black hair but who knows what other features they’ll inherit.

Again we have two choices: Pearl and Ruby.
( No, I was not inspired by Steven Universe… >_>;;; )

This generation some of us have decided to use Moose as the spouse! MOOOOOOOSE!!!! He’s already met both girls so the seed has been planted!

When I played last night the sisters both aged up on the same cake so we’ve got a teenage Pearl and child Ruby.



As you know, Pearl was our first born. We were very lucky for our first go!
I’ve pre-rolled her traits and here’s where we are:

(Toddler: Clingy)
Child: Self-Assured
Teen: Clumsy
YA: Lazy

Not so great traits for her YA-hood but they’re not that big of a deal, really. I’ve had some GREAT lazy and clumsy sims and it doesn’t bother me one bit! Her aspiration is Painter Extraordinaire so we can get going on an art wall like in the Ikeda legacy. I do love me a good art wall.



Ruby was our second born, of course. She took a few tries to conceive but I was glad for a second girl right off the bat! Here are her pre-rolled traits:

(Toddler: Inquisitive)
Child: Bookworm
Teen: Materialistic
YA: Family Oriented

I like these traits a little more, personally. HOWEVER, her aspiration is Serial Romantic. SO.
Not sure about that. It would certainly make things interesting. I would feel HORRIBLE if she cheated on Moose… STILL…

A little harder this time, huh? Maybe??

Happy voting(?)!


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