Legacy Collab: Nooboo

Ok. More questions: who is this child?

02-17-18_10-43-10 AM


She’s certainly not ours!

Pearl decided to be friendly.

02-17-18_11-11-55 AM


Rosie, on the other hand, has a belly ache. Her moodlet says “burnin’ belly” so she must have eaten chili or something. Oh well. She’ll live!

I’ll let those two sort out this kid.

Inside, Ruby was not feeling so great, either. She was going through a sad phase. Poor thing.

02-17-18_11-16-02 AM.png


She opted for eating some sad cake in front of the sad dog painting.

02-17-18_11-16-20 AM.png


Perhaps she is unhappy because she’s going to earn a negative trait! This will be my first time with a sim that earned a negative character trait – exciting!

ruby yikes


Back to our girls and the kid is gone. Good!

02-17-18_11-21-51 AM


Elsewhere Moose was on a gem hunt and so I sent him out for some fresh finds.

02-17-18_11-23-05 AM


This dog was trying to steal his goods!

Moose put an end to that!

02-17-18_11-23-48 AM


Back to the homestead again and Pearl has passed out. I hope this baby comes soon! I think I’ll lower the duration of pregnancy to two days for the next round…

02-17-18_12-33-02 PM



Later that night Moose got to meet Chester, Pearl’s grandfather! They got along pretty well.

02-17-18_11-30-55 AM



Eli also wished her daughter well on a new job! It’s a day for ghosts, I guess.

thanks mom


Ruby’s sad mood had left her by now and we started her career as a serial romancer!

I built her a new bedroom in the basement and everything!

02-17-18_1-02-18 PM



Halfway into the night Pearl went into labor and I didn’t have a name picked out!

02-17-18_1-03-32 PM


Aw, a boy. Oh well. Named him Harry Moose-Robinson.

02-17-18_2-52-46 PM


OH, and a girl! I’m gonna be weird with this one and go with Cookie. I KNOW.

02-17-18_2-52-55 PM.png


OH SHIT, another girl! Uhhh… Candy!

02-17-18_2-53-06 PM.png


Harry, Cookie, and Candy. Great.

Sorry, Pearl.

02-17-18_1-13-47 PM


Good thing we still have so many people in the house. We’re going to need help. T_T

02-17-18_1-14-26 PM


The Baby Squad

02-17-18_2-56-07 PM.png


Pearl is just like, don’t even THINK of touching me, Moose. We’re done.

02-17-18_2-56-58 PM.png


Can’t wait for three toddlers at once again, yaaaay…

PS: I just realized I named that baby “Hairy Moose” – awesome.


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