Legacy Collab: Oh Plum

Had to change the link and title because of the forum censors! XD

Okay! Last we saw Eli she was newly pregnant and could relax a little bit. Well, no. Now we needed money. I had them both get jobs. Chester’s aspiration is Master Mixologist so I had him get a culinary job. Eli is a little more free-spirited so I had her get a job as a painter. However, before she could sleep her first night away we did some collectible and plant hunting.

07-31-17_8-47-20 PM


By the time she finished, though, it was already an hour before her first day at work. I had her use a vacation day so she could rest. I never use them so I figured it wouldn’t hurt, especially on short!

That afternoon she was ready to face the day, er, evening! Yes!

07-31-17_8-52-20 PM


Feeling fresh and happy she set to work on her garden. I put the plants in a cute pattern I would probably rearrange later (I did). I gave Robinson Manor some nice lot traits – penny pincher, homey, and good lighting or whatever it’s called so she gained gardening skills faster than your average sim.

07-31-17_8-56-02 PM


Back to Chester. I told you I was worried about MCCC giving me grief. Technically it did BUT it doesn’t really hurt. Chester had twin daughters! (What sort of name is Rocio? No offense, readers named Rocio…)

chester's twins


It doesn’t hurt because he doesn’t even know their mother! Maybe he was a donor? Good for him.

Anyway, it appears that Chester showered because he came over to Eli when she finished watering her plants and I saw his everyday outfit. Not my favorite shirt so I went into CAS to change it up.

07-31-17_8-58-07 PM


I came back from CAS to see them suddenly joined together in unison to complain about the puddles in the grass.

07-31-17_9-04-07 PM


Random: at some point I gave them the cheapest trash can and discovered that it glitches when full. Whoops.

07-31-17_9-19-04 PM


Next, after Chester’s first (or second? I don’t remember) day of work he got a promotion!



Nice work, buddy! I can add siding and close up some of the walls now! We also got Eli an easel! Yes! You can also see the plants have grown up considerably. We know how profitable a big garden can be so I hope they can quickly gather up funds.

07-31-17_9-30-39 PM


Speaking of funds, Eli started on a small painting to earn some dough. The first large painting she did she actually lost money so I was pretty annoyed. Better to stay safe with smaller paintings until she gets a little better.

07-31-17_9-32-04 PM


She had the next couple days off so she now had plenty of time to paint. Maybe she could take family leave the next time she needed some rest.

Not too bad, Eli! This gal that’s touching Eli’s belly is Dia Rose. (I made her family for a story I never started.) Her mother was friends with Chester before she died and she’s constantly calling him. SUPER annoying. Dia is always coming to their door, too. An annoying family together, I guess.

07-31-17_9-32-54 PM


While Chester was at work that night, Eli suddenly went into labor. They did not have enough money to buy a bassinet so I had her sleep off the two hours before the birth. Thanks to social services they provided her a bed. Thanks, government!

07-31-17_9-34-37 PM


Aaaaaaaand she had a boy. Darn! I mean, I’m sure he’ll be a little angel. For a fun play on words I had them name him Damien since his dad’s last name is Pagan, hahaaa.

07-31-17_9-35-40 PM


Eli went to bed to wait for Chester to get home from work. They still needed an heir.

07-31-17_9-37-26 PM


They’re certainly not complaining!

07-31-17_9-37-39 PM


It took three tries!

07-31-17_9-39-31 PM


I’M complaining, though!

OKAY, so bug talk. Whenever they finished their woohoo they got double negative friendship bars!!!!!! By the time she was pregnant their friendship was in the red! This has to be something with MCCC so I’ll be looking into it. As of right now in the game their friendship is dangerously low… It’s frustrating because it’s so helpful for them to raise their social and fun quickly! Ugh.

ANYWAY. Back to the game. We’ll fast forward a couple of days. Little Damien is now a toddler and Eli is EXHAUSTED.



Pregnancy has been extra hard on Eli this round and she can’t get any relief, it seems. I had hoped they would have a double bed by now but we had to give little Damien a bedroom.

07-31-17_10-08-20 PM


Sure, the walls aren’t finished on the inside but he at least has his firetruck. He’s really into firetrucks right now.

07-31-17_10-09-26 PM


You can’t tell in any pictures so far but Damien has bright blue eyes like Eli. He actually aged up with blonde hair but I didn’t find it realistic so I changed it. I don’t know yet if I’ll alter any future children. We will have to see how things develop.

While his mama sleeps (which is often), Damien visits with Armond. He moved over by the easel to keep Eli company while she paints and gardens. Damien finds him hilarious!

07-31-17_10-10-35 PM


When he’s not talking to Armond, he’s making messes or throwing tantrums. He’s a great kid…

Oh! Rocio and Sydney came over when they aged into children and met their little brother. He was nice to them so they love him. Aw.

07-31-17_10-36-11 PM


Despite his grumpy face Chester loves them too. I think he was just in a bad mood for this shot. The girls resemble both of their parents from what I’ve seen. I should get their mother over to show her but for now you’ll have to imagine what she looks like.

07-31-17_10-34-13 PM


Even though we’re playing on short, pregnancy STILL takes three days. It’s annoying! Perhaps in future generations we’ll cheat and skip to the third trimester. Or not. I don’t know. Let me know what you think. It guess it doesn’t really matter to you since I didn’t spend too much time on it, ha!

Finally it was time for Eli to give birth. Drumroll, please….

07-31-17_10-42-38 PM


Crap, another boy! We named him Andrew…

07-31-17_10-44-06 PM


…and Rosie and Lucie.

07-31-17_10-44-23 PM


Oh damn. TRIPLETS! (Rainy guessed right!)

07-31-17_10-46-38 PM


Now I’ve got my heir and my spare…

07-31-17_10-51-18 PM


…and two rotten little boys, I’m sure.

07-31-17_10-51-24 PM


Eli is going to rest now and so am I. Toddlers and triplets are HARD WORK.

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  1. What’s with all the triplets in this collab? lol. It’s pretty interesting…Elise must be secretly fertile? Anyway, “Maybe he was a donor? Good for him.” Literally cracked up. This was such a funny chapter!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ohmygosh I wonder if my Elise will have triplets too?! First, she needs a man. Wow, 5 kids. You have it rough! Did you think about having her eat the strawberries or whatever it is for girls? I decided not to but since you’re doing short it might be worth it. I don’t know about speeding up pregnancy because it does add extra days. If you don’t want the extra days then I would. My favorite: “What sort of name is Rocio? No offense, readers named Rocio.” Had me cracking up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. FIVE! Goodness, no. Only 4 so far (but that’s not much better, hahaha!)

      I always forget the eating trick. I would just be mad if I made sure to feed her a ton of strawberries and then she just up and had a boy anyway. HOWEVER she does have 6 strawberry plants in her garden. Nice reminder – I’ll make a note of it for the next pregnancy… It can be the Strawberry Girl Garden. It would be cute and all in pink. Yes, yes… *writes notes*

      Liked by 2 people

  3. This chapter cracked me up. Love the side view of her totally pregnant and about to give birth, and then…boom, a flat pancake stomach! lol Oh, yes, I love the strawberry garden idea. I haven’t done a legacy before. I love the commentary style of writing. I just went back to re-read some parts and chuckled again. Great story!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I just found this story of yours. The thought of trying a legacy on short lifespan had never occurred to me.
    So many funny moments in this and the first chapters.
    I’m not going to binge–I’m going to savor this story a little bit every day. Mebbe.
    Lol, the thighs on that man!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, that is so lovely! I just played this family at the end of last week (or so, ha!) and you’ve given me the boost to finish up the next chapter! Don’t be dismayed when it suddenly ends – there will be more! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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