Legacy Collab: Gen 4 Heir Vote

I feel like we just went through this… OH WELL!

We had triplets AGAIN with two girls and a boy like Gen 2 (sweet). Harry is not eligible, sorry, dude.

No spoilers for appearance except that they both have black hair aaaaand they are identical. Yah. Let’s go!


Cookie is the middle triplet and the first girl. The name cookie just came to me and I was like, “yes, this is good.”

(Toddler: Inquisitive)
Child: Lazy
Teen: Clumsy
YA: Perfectionist

Cookie’s kid aspiration is social butterfly and her adult one will be fabulously wealthy. Perhaps we will marry her to wealthy fellow!


Candy was my surprise third and I decided to go with a sweet theme for the girls because I can.

(Toddler: Silly)
Child: Insane
Teen: Kleptomaniac
YA: Squeamish

Candy’s kid aspiration is rambunctious scamp and her adult one will be master chef (a repeat for us). I’m gonna be honest here, I’d rather we go with Cookie. I just like her name more, LOL.

Have fun!


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