Legacy Collab: We’re Still At It?

What’s this???

OH, you forgot about these guys, didn’t you? No worries. We were just waiting for heir results.


gen 4 results.png


Thank you everyone for voting!

Now we can move on with life…

In celebration of Cookie’s win they adopted a hedgehog: Buttons.

03-15-18_7-46-20 PM.png


He is a good boy. Or girl. I don’t know which, honestly.


03-15-18_7-48-12 PM.png



03-15-18_7-49-44 PM.png


Well, good things kids can’t die from the Guinea Pig disease…

(I documented this on twitter which was basically my DMs to Rainy, looool)

The little butthead seemed pleased with his bite.



JOKE’S ON YOU – now everyone will know not to pet you…



Out of context this is kinda funny, actually.

out of context.png


OKAy, serious (ha!) time. The kids age up already in one day. WHOOPS. I think I was too distracted by Rose last time I played.

03-15-18_8-30-21 PM.png

In case you’ve forgotten: Harry, Cookie, and Candy

I played a bit more and when they got down to 0 days to go we just caked them.

03-15-18_8-50-10 PM.png


I’m impatient; I wanna see what they’ll look like!



Our heir turned out to be pretty cute! I think we got rid of The Jaw (for this generation at least. I’m sure it will come back to haunt us in the future.)

03-15-18_9-20-22 PM


Her twin is a rebel!

03-15-18_9-21-14 PM


And Harry is a normal dude (with The Jaw).

03-15-18_9-09-47 PM


The two gals both seemed to gain weight from somewhere. Not sure where it came from. Perhaps it’s from their dad. Harry seems pretty trim, though. Ah, genetics…



I’ll have them try to get in shape. Jogging montage!


Cookie seemed pleased when she got back (I missed the shot, darn it!) and this vampire came over and sort of gave her an eye. Yah, he’s an adult. Maybe I can cheat him down in age (and make him not a vampire).

06-09-18_11-48-21 AM


Back inside I had two pop ups that Rose was hungry. Yes, yes, I know. There are a lot of sims around me and I am out of practice – BACK OFF. For some reason she still can’t climb stairs so I had to make someone take her up to eat. Thankfully she’s doing fine and Uncle Harry tried to entertain her.

06-09-18_11-52-44 AM


Thank GOODNESS she finally learned to climb stairs as I was playing this afternoon. (I was watching the E3 stream on mute also – Unravel 2 looks cute!)

Grandpa Moose has finally completed his aspiration. He did REALLY well – isn’t even an elder yet. Did I cheat his age or something?



Just checked and no, I didn’t! He ages up in 1 day, yussss!

This post has been a hot mess but I had to post something. We’ll end today with Moose and his new hobby: fishing.

06-09-18_2-44-32 PM.png



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