Legacy Collab: Serial Romancer

Here’s a quick update on Ms Ruby! Let’s give her some love before we switch gears again and move onto stalking the next heir (votes are going well – keep them coming if you want!)

Here are Ruby’s current three boos:

who does she love

Her first victim was Ronen who’s a descendant of the Fengs. He is actually pretty nice looking – I love the glasses! I’ve already shown you this but here he is again.

02-17-18_12-52-35 PM

Next up is my other favorite, Jairo. His name cracks me up but he’s super cool. His parents are Penny Pizazz and Vlad!

look at this guy here

Last up is the Delgado kid, Pierce. He popped up as an eligible teenager so she invited him over once. Poor kid seems too nice for her to be stringing him along!

yikes you fool

I guess, luckily for him now that she’s a young adult he’s actually too young for her.

I’m trying to let her have a risky pregnancy and I’m PRAYING her first is Jairo.

get it girl



I mean, she can have one from each but I really wouldn’t mind having a quarter vampire in this bloodline! If they lived forever the Robinson offspring would be able to say things like, “oh, Aunt June has been around for YEARS” or “Uncle Benedict looks young but I’ve heard a rumor he’s ancient!” (I guess I have to name her kids that, huh?)

So far nothing has stuck. Perhaps I can add this mailman into her rotation, too…

cool mailman



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