Legacy Collab: Starting Out

Like many others I have a challenge problem…

It’s another legacy! (Like I don’t do them enough…) This one is a collab legacy where everyone starts with the same sim: Elise Robinson. I believe we’re allowed to change how they look so that’s cool. I’ve decided to try it on short so that it doesn’t drag on endlessly. Since I love the genetics aspect and not so much the scoring I didn’t think it mattered much (I am going to TRY and score, though, hahahaaa…).  ALSO I super want to do a democracy so I’ll be using that also. I saw Rainy’s post first so I have decided to follow her lead and jump right into the lava pit of a new challenge (you’ve made this too easy for me, ha!)

Although this is all (almost exactly) on my challenge page, below are the rules and guidelines I’ll be trying to follow.

Succession Laws

  • Strict matriarchy: Only girls are eligible to be named heir. (Like a club house it’s NO BOYS ALLOWED! 😛 )
  • Traditional: Only naturally born children are eligible to be named heir. (Because I like genetics!)
  • Tolerant: The species of the child has no impact on their eligibility for heir status. (Yay alien abduction!)
  • Democracy: The heir is chosen by your readers from among the pool of eligible heirs. (SO EXCITE!)

We’re starting on the Oakenstead lot (just where the Ikedas were, awww) I renamed Robinson Manor. The suit of armor is on the lot because I’ve got the good/less/no surroundings mod helping me out (I think I lied).


Right! Jumping right in I saw that the world behind Eli (she looks like she’d like a nickname) was all low-res. I’ve named her suit of armor Armond because I thought it was funny.

low rez armond


He perked up eventually but it took AGES to load up.

elise and armond


I think I even took these screenies before a reload with some settings in MCCC changed and edge smoothing turned back to medium (I attempted high but that might have messed with me).

So, we have Low Rez Armond and Eli on our lot. I think they’ll be great friends.

07-31-17_8-10-57 PM


I guess I decided to either be super weird or super creative because I built this strange structure to start her out.

07-31-17_8-09-35 PM


That door was only 50§ and it didn’t look completely awful so in it went. There’s a toilet beyond it, of course. Eli didn’t feel like roughing it with a pee bush. Anyway, this structure will give the illusion of cover until they can afford more walls, doors, and windows.

As you know I am playing on short lifespan. This is SO hard for me and several times last night I considered changing it to normal. I don’t want my simmies to die before I’m done with them. YET I am going to carry on and accept they have such short lives. It’ll get us done faster.

So, yes, playing on short made me think of priorities. There’s no time for socializing unless there’s a potential spouse in the mix. Off to earn a profitable skill! We’ll start with fishing. I would have had her start with painting but I did not budget my money well enough to buy an easel. We’ll have to earn it.

07-31-17_8-19-51 PM


Aw, she’s so darned cute! I gave her a few more tattoos and decided on an “edgy” look. Or, as edgy as a cute blonde can get, looool. She caught an apple, by the way.

07-31-17_8-21-46 PM


While she fished for fish, I fished for a spouse. Time is precious in short mode, you know. I kept my eye on Eli and scanned the beautiful lot…


07-31-17_8-22-47 PM


This guy was jogging and he had a nice build. (Yes, I know he looks like an Ikeda cousin. That is just icing on the cake!)

His name is Chester Pagan and his colors even match Eli’s!!! I swear he’s a townie!

07-31-17_8-23-31 PM


He was an adult already but I knew that didn’t matter. If his traits were good we’d be good. It’s like I’m back to the start of the Ikedas, haha…

First things first: he was single! Second thing I learned was that he was a maid! AH! I knew I had seen him before! He was the maid in my rotation. I hadn’t been paying him any attention. How important these things suddenly become. Lastly, I found out that he was a geek!

he's a geek!


This was meant to be, of course. Well, for me it was. Chester was very interested in continuing his jog and Eli, for some reason, decided to run away, too.

07-31-17_8-26-22 PM


NO, no, no… Get back here! Get that friendship going… Aaaaack! (But look how he looks at her!)

07-31-17_8-30-57 PM


A good cloud viewing party seemed in order.

07-31-17_8-24-04 PM


I know it’s a cheap shot but I knew I had to get them talking so he couldn’t run away. Ah, see how she looks at him? (Meant to beeeee…)

07-31-17_8-29-23 PM


She asked him to hang out so he wouldn’t run away anymore and he finally agreed. I think he said goodbye about ten times before, whoops.  I didn’t realize he’d be so belligerent!

07-31-17_8-32-40 PM


As they chatted we found out his second and third traits: foodie and self-assured. Nothing wrong there! The only thing I worried about was MCCC meddling. Well, “worry”. He might have children already or maybe a secret lover? I decided to just cross my fingers and deal with it if it appeared later. What’s some more drama?

Chester agrees. “No secrets here!” he seemed to say. Suuuuure.

07-31-17_8-27-22 PM


Time to put on the moves.


That escalated quickly.

Hey, life is short. Literally! We don’t have time to sit around and dilly daddle!

Eli went to check to see if she was pregananant and… she was!


Hooray! Now we’ll wait to see if she’ll have an heir on the first go. CROSS YOUR FINGERS!

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  1. Short? Holy cow! No wonder you got right to the baby making! Your Elise looks so edgy! I like Armand. I think I’m going to take mine out of inventory and stick him outside or something too. That beginning structure was hilarious. Speaking of hilarious… that video you linked to had me laughing so hard I was crying! I have a feeling this legacy will be fun!

    Liked by 1 person

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