Legacy Collab: Gen 3!


Quick note: I tried my best to make smooth transitions but a lot was going on so it’s less smooth than preferred. Bear with.


The morning before I expected Rosie to go into labor I decided to have Shaurya “work from home”. I used quotes because he really didn’t. We had to venture out to the city to protest in the arts district. Ugh. Rosie decided to go with him for moral support. They recruited three people. He’s not so great at this (or I’M not so great since I’m too lazy to travel off lot, lol). They also ran into an elderly what’s her face (I seriously can’t remember what her name is!).


Rosie didn’t go into labor then but she did once they were home!

She had a girl!!! Welcome, Pearl! Gen 3 has arrived!


The guys of the family are really good about sending their congrats. Lucie is failing.



So that was what happened before I played last. The next time I loaded up I decided to take a pic of Damien, Angel, and Tyree. I got it!

damien family


While there I did some more cleaning up of my sim bin and saw this ADORABLE sim!

08-11-17_5-54-19 PM


She was so damn cute that I decided to have Andrew woo her. I needed her to be a part of this family, lol. Her name is Heaven Ojo and she’s the daughter of Miko. PRECIOUS.

SO! Into the household I went. Chester was ghosting around and breaking things so we called our repair gal, Mariko, over to fix things up. You’ll remember I was going to have Andrew woo her but she’s been replaced, sorry dear. It’s probably for the best since you can’t handle the sight of ghosts (or your bladder).


Quick note that Shaurya got a promotion!

shaurya promo


The next-next morning Andrew went to the Karaoke Legends apartment and knocked. Heaven, her little sister, and Darling’s daughter, too, were all crying! I think Miko and Darling must have recently died, oh no. There’s no time for tears, though, because poor Andrew needs to meet you, dear Heaven!

I sent Andrew upstairs but she had moved to the computer. Perhaps she’s been monitoring our gushing of her on the forums.

08-12-17_11-01-06 AM


Andrew made an attempt…

08-12-17_11-03-13 AM


He bombed. Still, she walked away with this cute cute little smirk so perhaps he has a chance?

08-12-17_11-06-28 AM


She was still a teenager so when 8 AM came ’round she was gone. I had him go get some lunch outside and had Rosie join him. Rosie couldn’t use the chopsticks very well but they each learned a recipe!

08-12-17_11-10-25 AM


When they were both done I sent them home and checked on our funds. We were doing a lot better so I decided to add on to the house.

08-12-17_11-47-43 AM


Some inside shots:


Once I finished I saw that at least three of them in the house wanted a pool. I thought about being goofy and just giving them a 1×1 like they asked but I had enough for a teeny tiny one.

We can afford it why not


I love how the light looks here! I’ve been getting some great shots lately in the afternoons.

08-12-17_12-04-42 PM


That afternoon Rosie headed off to work with her new career outfit for a caterer. Then I remembered that she was still not pregnant; I guess I forgot! I needed a spare so I decided to have them try again soon.

08-12-17_11-52-19 AM



The next morning I checked on the damn cowplant again and harvested.
NO COWBERRIES! Something was definitely bugged. That was another thing for me to work on later in the day (or days later…)



Andrew decided to take off work so he could spend his time wooing Heaven. Eli made her a cake and she aged up to a YA. She was a tough cookie.


And then, I learned what her YA trait was: unflirty. I don’t buy it, though, as she was currently FLIRTY.

sure jan sure jan


This seems like a good time to mention how I sometimes name my screenshots. The one of her unflirtiness is called “sure jan” and I just didn’t want to forget how I felt when it happened, LOL.

funny names


Anyway, Andrew did not make very good progress. I mean, it looks like he did but seriously, he was awful. If she was any other sim I would haven given up ages ago.

08-12-17_10-57-39 PM


Also please note: Andrew is actually Jesus!

08-12-17_10-53-19 PM



Rosie came home from work with a promotion!

rosie promo 3


Heaven was still around at the hour so she had a talk with her and put in a good word for Andrew. Not like it did any good…


I’m cutting to the chase here and letting you know that they STILL aren’t married. They are a couple, though. Next time I will SURELY have them married and OUT OF MY HOUSE.

08-12-17_11-58-02 PM


Back to the main story here. We actually used Heaven’s cake twice and decided to age up Pearl right after. She’s pretty cute (all toddlers are, though). Aunt Lucie has become her favorite. She gained the wild trait so lord help us; she runs around without clothes a lot.


Speaking of Lucie, she had twin daughters! While in the tree I found out that Aubrey had another kid!!! Must have been a donor like Chester. What is with the men of this town? (So selfless, I know.)


lucie babies

Clearly that should be Skyler, lol. I thought I fixed it, too…


They’ve since aged into toddlers so I’ll show a small shot of them, too.

lucie's kids


Oh! And we finally met Tyree! He wasn’t so sure of his grandma at first but now he’s all good.


Soooo, with a toddler in the house Rosie tried again for our spare. Nope. :/



I took this shot because we had three generations in one view! Disregard the passed out man in the hallway…

08-12-17_12-56-17 PM


I also realized I needed a picture of the first two generations to put on the wall with the sisters. I think that’ll be the thing I do this legacy, pictures of each mother daughter and each set of spares. 🙂



A while later Rosie did find out that she was pregnant again!

08-12-17_1-34-53 PM


Having Pearl around has caused some chaos but not a ton. I switched Shaurya’s aspiration to the new parent one a while back so he managed to discipline Pearl enough times to move up a level.


She was often angry for one reason or another so I really enjoyed seeing this option pop up when Uncle Aubrey came to visit. (We did not choose it, lol.)

dont bite uncle aubrey


Somehow we managed to escape this generation without having two or more toddlers at the same time because Pearl’s birthday fast approached.

08-12-17_11-15-16 PM


Aw, look at her!

08-13-17_11-14-29 PM


Aaaand the new baby arrived just after! Another girl, yessss! I named her Ruby.


I am happy to say that we’re done with kids this generation. Less is more. 🙂


One last thing – remember the cowplant? I needed it.



Eli took another drink from the potion of youth for one more round (I hoped). No more messing around. I was DETERMINED to get that cowplant berry!

I had her join the Garden Gnomes and she quickly ousted the remaining member of the original squad and became the leader.

One thing I HATE, though, is when the others autonomously harvest. STOP! DON’T! Angel managed to harvest from the spliced plant when I could not (it was grayed out!) and I went into her household to check. SURE ENOUGH there it was. She planted it and I returned to our main household. WE HAD IT!!!





Now Eli can finally join Chester in ghost land…


Bonus: Pearl and cowplant, Bozo. (It’s literally the first name that popped into my head…)


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  1. This had me laughing so hard: “Disregard the passed out man in the hallway…” Another hilarious post. You make boring every day things so entertaining! Congrats to Eli on finally growing a cowplant. It took her long enough! I bet it’s so much easier not having 2 toddlers at once.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ha, thanks, hahaha! I try. XD

      We were definitely fortunate to not have multiple toddlers this round! There were SO MANY other things to worry about than children! At least I got my two girls right away!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. There were so many good moments in this up-date. Loved the….don’t mind the guy….passed out in the hallway….and as mentioned by Allysim….Andrew is Jesus…as he walks on water. And congrats to Eli for finally getting that cowplant berry planted. Yes! And Rosie getting those girls! Fantastic! Also, I loved the 1st screenie shot….it looks so lovely…the house is getting bigger!

    Liked by 1 person

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