State of the Blog: Summer 2k18


As I was making my way to WP I was drafting what I was going to say here and it included a lot of “sorry, sorry, sorry!” but I’m actually only a little sorry.

Besides enjoying other things I had the worst ear infection ever that spanned from late May to mid June (it was almost 6 weeks of torture). I’m over it now but wow, it was super crappy.

Besides that I was enjoying other things (Cities Skylines, My Hero Academia, various comics). I felt a little guilty about not writing anything but I couldn’t help that I didn’t have the writing bug. Actually, yesterday I had a big boost of inspo for Suzu and got a chapter and a half written and a new idea formed in my head! thumbs up

No updates on the other stories. When I have been playing I’ve posted to my twitter so follow me there if you like. 🙂




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