Legacy Collab: Aged Up & Scary

I did not want to spend so much time with those little rotten monsters. I don’t think I got any pics of them as toddlers at all, actually!

For your viewing pleasure:

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I’m especially pleased by how devilish Harry looks. HILARIOUS.

Now they’re all children and looking pretty normal. I also discovered that the girls are identical! I tested this by having their hairstyle be the same and just go back and forth in CAS.

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(Also, here I go again falling in love with the boy children! Such cuties!!!)

Aaaaanyway, off topic a little, Ruby and Jairo (my favorite!) have been gettin’ cozy more and more often with Ruby leaving her other boys alone.

03-01-18_10-04-18 PM

I was really hoping she’d have a risky pregnancy with him but she kept coming up empty. Sooooo I had them try and whadduya know: nooboo!

She was all, “Ohhhh, Jairo, do I have a surprise for you!

He was not pleased. I forgot he had the hates children trait, looool!

03-01-18_11-09-03 PM

I’m impatient as heck so I did end up changing the pregnancy duration to two days instead of three. That was still too long for me so I changed it to one for the next time we have kiddos.

Ruby had a baby girl I named Rose. I sort of forgot that my last heir was Rosie BUT it seemed like a nice name for her. When Ruby put her back in her crib I saw a VAMPIRE BAT. I am pretty happy with this, not gonna lie. Will she live forever? Only time will tell… (I seriously don’t know, haha!)

03-01-18_11-34-23 PM

I aged her up immediately, too. She’s not my heir – I can do what I want!

Her outfit was ADORABLE. This is now my go to toddler style.

03-01-18_11-35-21 PM

I am in love.

03-01-18_11-35-42 PM

Jairo seems to be in love, too.

03-01-18_11-39-51 PM

(He’s thinking, “Damn my adorable progeny!!! Her cuteness levels are too strong!!!”)

03-01-18_11-40-27 PM

She has impressive genes. I was wrong about Jairo’s mother! Penny was his GRANDMOTHER.

rose family tree

To prepare for her future I believe she’s already begun honing her vampire skills. She broke into this doll’s house and bit her neck!

03-02-18_6-32-17 PM

Ok, this kid is getting her own show. The Robinsons are cancelled.

(Just kidding…)


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  1. Wow he does have an impressive lineage! Awesome. I also found it hilarious that you had no pics of the potential heirs and yet a ton of their cousin. She is a cutie tho I don’t blame you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That was a hilarious update!
    Awwww, Harry! He looks like such a mischievous toddler but then he has those dreamy, droopy eyebrows as a child!
    I’ve chosen Strict Equality twice now, only to prevent myself from always favoring the boys as heirs…erm, yeah.
    Jairo has such a unique look–what genes! Fascinating how strongly Rose takes after Ruby, though.
    “I aged her up immediately, too. She’s not my heir – I can do what I want!” <– LOL!

    Loved the dollhouse interpretation. I'm glad I started reading just as the Robinsons got rezzed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wOO!!! Happy to have you here! Thank you so much for your comment! :3 I really try not to fridge my stories for TOO long (she said as she glanced to her freezer full of stories) so I knew I’d come back to them!

      I really like this democracy thing! It’s so fun to have others choose my fate!

      Liked by 1 person

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