Legacy Collab: Gen 2 Heir Vote!

Heir vote time!

The time has finally (“finally” – it’s only been a week) come! It kills me to wait for results but I am sure that y’all will be swift and I’ll be able to close it quickly after a majority, lol.

We have two choices: Rosie and Lucie.


This picture truly flatters them both, can’t lie. In CAS, though, you’re like,
“Ah. Chin. Eyes. Lips. Hm.”

I’ve grown to like both of them but you’re only seeing chosen moments when I post. Here’s some background on both of them.



Rosie was the second born of the triplets after Andrew.

She was the cutest (after Andrew, too – I swear he is the cutest thing) and I thought she would look like a dark haired version of Eli. She’s almost a clone but her jaw can be extreme at certain angles, lol.


Toddler: Charmer
Child: Hot Headed
Teen: Childish
YA: Geek

As a teen she spent a lot of time multitasking with a toy in her hand. She shouts forbidden words a lot. Her aspiration is Master Chef so she tries to help in the garden and also cook meals.



Lucie was last born of the triplets.

The blending of Chester’s and Eli’s genetics wasn’t as smooth as I’d hoped (such an extreme difference!) but she grew into her eyes once she aged into a teen. I wish I could have changed her and Rosie’s hair color to seem more natural (Lucie would look like my all time fav sim, Aya!).


Toddler: Independent
Child: Insider
Teen: Dance Machine
YA: Loves the Outdoors

As a teen she spent a lot of time reading and sleeping, lol. All of them enjoy dancing but she was supposed to love it the most. That’s debatable. Her aspiration is Successful Lineage so we’d be in it for the long haul with many children for her.

There you go! Happy voting!

08-02-17_9-44-57 PM



Poll closed 8/9/2017
click here for poll link (it won’t be counted fyi, lol)


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