Collab Legacy: Lining Up My Ducks

Big update, hang tight!

Welcome back, welcome back!

We last left the household with Rosie and her maid dude. I was SO CLOSE with his name. It’s not Shauya but Shaurya; missed an R. I’m pleased with myself for remembering (somewhat). It’s good that I now know how to spell it because he called Rosie at 2:35 AM. Sounds like a booty call to me.

shaurya come over


Of course we accepted.

While waiting for him to approach I saw Vampire Megs scopin out the scene. What is with these accessories? The bling hat cracks me up!

Vampire Megs


Anyway, back to Rosie…

Yeah, it was totally a booty call.

08-09-17_9-24-02 PM


He’s so happy to be in this house, aw. Good sign.

08-09-17_9-24-07 PM


However, it looks like Rosie is laying some ground rules. I don’t know what they might be but she’s telling him something.

08-09-17_9-24-27 PM


…Then she bombed. What are you even doing, Rosie?


Well, he left after that… Keep in mind it was like, 4 or 5 AM.

HOWEVER he must not have been that deterred. He came back this direction that afternoon to go fishing. It was about three hours before Rosie had to leave for work and the Romance Festival was in town! She threw out a flirt and he took the bait!

08-09-17_9-37-41 PM


He chose to tell her a dramatic story about… a soccer ball. OK.

08-09-17_9-38-32 PM


Rosie had better ideas than listening to goofy stories. She called into work and used a vacation day.

08-09-17_9-42-50 PM


Sakura tea was her secret weapon. Get him in the mood!

08-09-17_9-56-58 PM


He would have none of it. He kept getting that close then running away!

08-09-17_9-58-04 PM


She found him at the bar eating chips.

08-09-17_9-59-39 PM


…and he was making eyes at this bartender?? (He happens to be an Ikeda offshoot, lol. Xavier, one of Asami’s boys.) He wasn’t really but what else would those eyes imply? Looool…

08-09-17_9-59-46 PM


Okay. Rosie needed to SEAL THE DEAL. flirty text…

08-09-17_10-00-32 PM


Yessss, he liked it.

08-09-17_10-00-42 PM


Now they were both flirty.

08-09-17_10-01-17 PM


They were so distracted that they didn’t even notice the cool tricks Xavier was pulling off. Sorry, dude.

08-09-17_10-02-15 PM


(I liked that it looked like she was touching his arm here, lol.)

08-09-17_10-03-51 PM


Then…. first kiss!

08-09-17_10-07-07 PM


Boyfriend & girlfriend!

08-09-17_10-07-40 PM


I tried again to have them drink some tea together but Saurya would NOT go over there! (Actually, all my sims were acting funny last night; they wouldn’t go where I wanted them to without making them walk there first. Very strange.)

I eyed the wedding arch and checked the time. I had no idea when the festival would be over so I decided to try my luck for a Heat of the Moment proposal! (The rest of the family came over, of course.)

08-09-17_10-09-32 PM 08-09-17_10-09-44 PM 08-09-17_10-09-55 PM


He accepted! Time for a REAL wedding!

(I like how Lucie is just casually eating, lol.)

08-09-17_10-11-42 PM


Aw, so sweet!

08-09-17_10-11-59 PM


Great crowd…

08-09-17_10-12-10 PM


(They’re mostly paying attention.)

08-09-17_10-12-25 PM


Can I get another “awww”?

08-09-17_10-12-34 PM


What a nice ring! Congrats to Shaurya and Rosie!!!

08-09-17_10-13-10 PM


We traveled back to the homestead by mistake before I could see the awesome fireworks when the wedding was over. I was disappointed but I had more pressing matters to attend to…

Shauyra got ready for bed while Rosie freshened up. (Who’s a handsome dude? You are!)


She was ready to make a baby!

08-09-17_10-26-13 PM


Shaurya has the best faces, I swear! He’s so shocked!

08-09-17_10-27-58 PM 08-09-17_10-28-55 PM


Following their escapades I checked on the others in the house. After doing that I went back to Rosie and leapt into action: she was HYSTERICAL! This could have led to death so I sent her straight to bed (damn autonomous bubble bath!).

aw heck no


While she slept she got a text from older brother, Damien, now father to baby boy, Tyree. You’re a little late for an engagement text but thanks for the gesture.

damien text


A while later he called and congratulated them on their marriage.

damien call


The next morning they newlyweds had breakfast with Lucie. I decided to check to see if Rosie was pregnant now that she was all rested.

08-09-17_10-40-05 PM


Conveniently, Shaurya was doing dishes in the bathroom even though there’s a perfectly good sink in the kitchen so Rosie was able to tell him from the toilet. True love, right here. (I also imagine Rosie thinking “Hun, there’s confetti coming from our ceiling. Should we get that checked out?”)


Sooooo we have gen 3 on the way!!! Let’s cross our fingers that Eli can be around for the birth!

08-09-17_10-47-05 PM



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    1. I made them go, loool. We’re in game world for this story so I’m not going to try and invent special situations, haha! Makes me relaxed. B)


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