Legacy Collab: Chop, Chop!

* sweeps up floor *

What happened here?! I’ve not played this save for a while now and I’m sorry to have kept you waiting! I don’t like to force things and I would have if I didn’t just step away for a bit. These are old shots so I’ll go through with my original plan of throwing information at ya (you’re welcome!)

Let’s show some job progress! Shaurya went towards the charity route rather than politician because he seems like he would want to help people. He’s a nice guy and he knows how much families can struggle and he just wants to help!


Rosie got another promotion, too! She looks so professional in her chef’s uniform, aw.

rosie promotion



Eli’s first appearance as a ghost did not go well for her and Chester. Poor guy…

08-22-17_10-20-09 PM


Speaking of ghosts…

rocio no awwww sydneyno aubrey dropping like flies


No, it’s not great but it’s part of sim life. tear

We’re moving things along here, though! Chop chop! Cake time for both girls


The Braaaady Bunch! 


Personally, I love Ruby’s glasses. They both aged up with glasses but I got rid of them on Pearl. They were floating off her face, lol.

For their first day of not-school I had them do their homework together. Shaurya’s parent aspiration requires some super talented kids so I was hoping to get those extra traits up as soon as possibly. Right now I think I have Pearl’s emotional control within range to gain that trait and Ruby will probably get responsible if Pearl fails us.

08-24-17_7-49-57 PM


Here’s just a shot of Rosie in the kitchen. See that open space behind her? We put in a basement! I just wanted to use the extra space, lol. The outside looks like a chimney but it’s not real!

08-24-17_7-51-30 PM


Once 3 PM came around Pearl invited Moose over and coerced him into having his birthday a few days early.

“What’s it gonna hurt, huh?”

08-24-17_8-09-25 PM


For some crazy reason he agreed! How convenient that Rosie already had a cake prepared, huh…

Pearl seems to be pondering if she should be pleased with herself for pining after a child. I mean, she’s not but… >_>;;;

08-24-17_8-10-32 PM


She’s not, OK?

08-24-17_8-10-52 PM


Oh WOW! HOW NICE! He’s like her own personal angel in the flesh!!! (Like the angel from swcheppes’ story, haha!)

08-24-17_8-11-37 PM


Not awful clothing choice… could have been worse.

08-24-17_8-14-42 PM


Pearl better be careful!

too bad moose


All of Moose’s little siblings ended up aging up on our lot (I had invited the whole group over for funsies). They are all so… interesting (that all orange look is not great, kid).

08-24-17_8-18-42 PM



Pearl and Moose talked all evening and stayed long enough for Eli to come out from her grave and bother them.

08-24-17_10-08-11 PM


Then dad, Shaurya, couldn’t help himself and sat down to acquaint himself with his future son-in-law. Pearl is not amused.

08-24-17_8-21-47 PM


She left and mom, Rosie, took her place, scowling at her husband for bothering poor Moose. This legacy is important, man! Don’t scare the boy away!

08-24-17_8-23-20 PM


Turns out that he didn’t scare Moose away because he called Pearl to ask her out as soon as he left the lot that evening!

nice a date


We didn’t accept but invited him over instead and Pearl went to work.


She had to chase him down to get her first kiss in, though.

08-24-17_8-30-48 PM



Please note that it was now super early in the morning and Pearl was deffo breaking curfew. Shaurya needed some parenting points so I sent him outside to catch her in the act of standing in front of their house! FOR SHAME.

08-24-17_8-33-00 PM


He grounded her from… her phone, I think. Nothing else was really going to affect her so I figured she wouldn’t be able to autonomously play games if she really wanted (she never does).

08-24-17_8-33-24 PM


She said she was bummed but I bet it was one of those really fake sarscastic reactions, like, “oh nooo, what will I do without my phoooone?”

08-24-17_8-33-34 PM


The next morning I realized Rosie needed to work on the garden so she went to work.

08-24-17_10-15-22 PM


To my great surprise she also gained a mixology level at the same time as her plant evolution! I don’t know how she did it but I guess she was practicing mixing in her sleep.

what ok then



There are just a couple more things to finish up this update…

That night I saw this horrific sight:

08-24-17_10-00-02 PM


NO! Not [looks at smudged handwriting] Bongo!
(It’s actually Bozo but I wanted to do the meme so… sorry to break your immersion.)
He didn’t have his cake out, I swear! :/

The last time I saw him alive on camera was the night before while Shaurya was grounding Pearl:

08-24-17_8-33-19 PM

RIP, Bongo Bozo.

Lastly, Shaurya got hit on. I don’t remember who this guy is, even. Maybe another maid? He said no in case you were worried.




The heir poll is still open if you’re interested but it looks like our girl, Pearl, is going to be the next heir. Congrats, Pearl! Love your name!

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  1. I was so excited to see there was an update I had to stop everything to read! I gave Moose a makeover after he aged up at their house. Yours aged up in pretty decent clothes… mine didn’t. Pearl does have quite the jawline. They seem to run in the Robinson family! Sorry to see yet another cowplant loss. I’ve lost 2 now! I think that the date thing is triggered by a poor relationship. I’ve had it happen a lot with Kellie since practically everyone hates her!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! That damned jawline… Who knew it would be such a burden? (We all knew, secretly, I’m sure…)

      This is the second cowplant I’ve lost like this. I am VERY good about feeding them as soon as I see the cake and I wasn’t away to miss it! I think it’s borked. >_>

      I did not know that about the dates! I always thought it was a good omen! XD

      Liked by 1 person

            1. XD XD I was editing out of order and Shaurya’s thing at the end was originally in the middle but I moved it. SO the last thing I wrote about date invites was Moose and Pearl! Dooooi! LOL

              Liked by 1 person

                  1. Sometimes… especially if it’s been awhile since something published… I have to go back and skim the chapter to figure out what the heck someone is talking about!

                    Liked by 1 person

  2. All caught up and waiting for more!
    Congrats to Pearl on being voted the heir and locking down her main squeeze already.////////////////////////
    I’m so glad to hear that you’re returning to this challenge soon.
    How do you like playing a legacy on shor////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////t //////////////////////////////////////////////lifespan?///////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am enjoying the short lifespan! There’s not a lot of time to achieve things but it makes those youth potions actually useful!

      I went into the game last night and tidied up some things. Spoiler but Pearl and Moose got married! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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