Legacy Collab: Help!

“Ahhh, everything is so nice and peaceful here in my new bed…”

07-31-17_11-11-07 PM


“Wait, wha- what is that? Oh-OH GOD, NO!!!!!!!!!!”

07-31-17_11-24-48 PM




07-31-17_11-25-21 PM


These three are a nightmare. They all sort of aged up twice, weirdly enough. I missed every single birthday just like I missed Damien’s. I selected their traits and then they popped up a second time announcing their aging up. It was pretty irritating.

Clearly this irritation was only the beginning. Mess, mess, mess. Cry, cry, cry. Poor Damien hasn’t gotten any sleep since they aged up because they’re always waking up from nightmares.

I wish I would wake up from this nightmare.

07-31-17_11-27-46 PM


Poor Eli. Both she and Chester have been in the red CONSTANTLY. That new bed is not helping at all. It’s almost like she goes to sleep and doesn’t even regain any of her energy. It’s AWFUL.

The kids are helpless. Eli makes meals and throws them outside on the ground like the kids are animals.

07-31-17_11-29-08 PM


Who needs pets when you have toddlers! (Just kidding, I really REALLY want pets.)

At least Damien is well behaved…

07-31-17_11-43-46 PM


Wrong. He’s just as bad. There’s not a lot for children to do on this lot. They each have a dedicated toy but that doesn’t really do the job justice. The parents have nothing to do, either. In desperate moments they’ve had a quick woohoo but that friendship bug is KILLING me.

So, when they earn enough money I’ll get them a bookshelf. Maybe a radio.

The toddlers seem to keep their fun levels up well enough, nothing a quick spin around with mom or dad can’t fix. Otherwise they find amusement or rest where they can…



Despite all this Eli still finds happy moments even in her tiny kitchen. (GASP, I should build them a tiny house! 😍)

08-01-17_8-40-35 PM


OOH, it is a shame this is a matriarchy because Andrew is ADORABLE at all ages.






The girls are adorable, too! I was too frazzled to change their looks during toddlerhood so they looked like this the whole time. Not a fan of that top but whatcha gonna do? I had to keep the family alive.

08-01-17_9-38-46 PM


Here’s a shot of their house and garden. It’s like a small trailer home without a hallway.

08-01-17_10-18-07 PM


Chester has been helping with the garden as Eli’s been out of commission. He’s been great!

08-01-17_10-20-52 PM


I did miss his elder birthday, as you can see with his hair. I’m thinking he aged up in the garden while he worked. Whoops. Damien finally got a school project from school. His grades aren’t super, either a C or B. Still, he is working carefully.



Mom and Dad did their best to help, bless.



I’d never seen a non-A project before so it was cute to see such a simple project. Eli praised Damien on his excellent work, aw. For now we’ll keep the project around. Maybe when he’s older we’ll sell it for 80§ (not a maybe, we actually just did, ha).



Before I forget, we invited Chester’s older daughters over along with their mother. Her name is Kyra, don’t remember if I mentioned her. She had black hair also and is a “cool mom” going by her outfit. Rocio’s hair is as cool as her name and Sydney is a sweetie.


I know we were plowing through this update but it was a stressful time for Eli and myself. Frankly it’s a miracle we all made it.

The triplet terrors aged up without cake AGAIN. Ah, genetics. You are mean to me.


Next we’ll see the start of their childhood!


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  1. It’s funny I never used to give my sims makeovers when they aged up and now it’s the first thing I do. I can’t stand that cowboy type toddler top. So goofy. Poor hubby aged in the garden! Too bad one of the boys can’t be heir they seem to be cuter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Speedy up-date. I love the pic of all the toddlers outside their crib…I guess when they aged up all together! lol You are saving a bundle by NOT having birthday cakes. Poor kids, Well, at least they have one toy each. They need to share…hehehe Great chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That was so chaotic! And not to mention stressful, even for me as a reader.
    The parents and their watcher are such troopers!

    Are you not allowed to place that “Park and Play” toddler park by MaxisCreator_01?


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