Build Newcrest: Chapter 4.2

Recently it’s been more apparent than ever that not all families are as perfect as they may seem. I mean, I’m not even including my brother’s disappearance a while back. It’s just that my twin is extremely talented at finding the best ways to get under my skin.

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Despite Kyo’s horrible antics we’re still somehow able to enjoy cartoons together on Saturday mornings. Dad has even been joining us because there are some reboots of his old favorites. He told me that he likes some of the new ones better than the originals! (Mom doesn’t believe him.)

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Oh, some good news, though. My cousin Katherine, the one who had previously housed the runaways, Roka and Bailee at Aunt Yuko’s flat, recently got engaged! She was the one to propose, too, which was a total power move, honestly. She’s so cool!

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Now… time for some bad news.

Uncle Seiji and Aunt Sophie are now divorced. It’s possible that he had several affairs throughout their marriage and one of them recently produced a child (twins, actually!)

When Aunt Sophie found out she showed him the door…

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Despite how you think she should be feeling she’s actually doing very well. After all, the two of them sort of started their life together in a bit of a pickle. Just last night Mom sat me down and spilled the gossip from when she and Seiji were young.

When Sophie told him that she was pregnant he ended things with the the two other women he was seeing at the same time (yikes). When Sophie found out she was expecting quadruplets she and Seiji quickly married. They even made the local news when the quads were born and got a bunch of help from the community. It really helped them out financially. Seiji truly seemed to have himself in check but I guess once the kids were all grown up he strayed again.

Lili told me that their dad moved in with his new fling and their kids. She said things at home were doing fine for now but she’s actually planning to move out soon. She doesn’t want to be in that house with her mom and her siblings any longer than she has to. I really can’t blame her. Her mom has started painting murals all over the walls of their house and the fumes are starting to get to her.

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In related news…

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The other day I was coming home from a walk and I saw one of Roka’s old friends, Shea, standing outside of our house. He looked really cold so I said hello and asked if he’d like to come in and warm up. He looked a little unsure at first but then agreed.

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Once inside I told him to make himself at home and that I’d be back in a few minutes (my clothes were wet from the snow). When I came back down we sat in front of the fire and talked about life. I mentioned college for me and he said that he was currently going back to school as well.

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My mom came in the room at one point and, recognizing Shea, offered to feed him. How could he say no? While he was eating my dad asked me if I’d help him get the holiday decorations out of the basement. I was a little annoyed (I had a guest!) but agreed.

Mom told me this later but while we were gone she had a quick chat with Shea.

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You’d think that it would have been about Roka but there you’d be wrong. Mom told him about Uncle Seiji’s recent divorce and also told him that Seiji was his father! She’s known this since Roka was a kid! Shea is our cousin!!!

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It’s so shocking to me that she would just spill the beans like that but Shea sort of helped it along, too. He told her that just before coming to our house he overheard his mom on the phone with a friend. The gossip about Seiji’s scandal was all over town and his mom mentioned she was not surprised and wondered how it took this long for him to be caught in his ways. Then she straight up said Shea’s name and he put the pieces together and came over. He didn’t know where Seiji actually lived so we were the next best place.

I know it’s a lot to take in but that’s the latest gossip from our family. Phew, wish I were old enough to drink – I need one!

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AN: Gaaaaah, my screenshots are all so out of order! This took some finagling but I think I did OK!

Also I had a lot of callbacks in this chapter! Two from gen 13 and one link to Xilla (which I still have one chapter left to finish up, ha…)

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