The Xilla Project: Date?

AN: I broke the rules this chapter but it was worth it! (I controlled Xilla is what I mean!)

Case Study Log of Infant 87 [I87] #C87 #T87
“Caregiver”: Liliana Ikeda
(Entry by Xilla)

I think I just went on a date. Iggy called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go to the Romance Festival with him!

did she get asked out.png


Lili told me I could go. She said I didn’t have to wear my disguise, either, because everyone would be pink and red and I’d probably blend right in. Also, the city has always been really chill about ETs. We really weren’t worried.

While I was getting ready I thought that maybe I should have dressed up after all. Then I thought maybe Izzy would get the wrong idea if I did dress up. Then I decided I didn’t care and just wore whatever.

This was a good thing, though, because Izzy didn’t dress up, either.

12-08-17_10-20-37 PM


He didn’t look sure about this whole thing, actually.

12-08-17_10-21-01 PM.png


I wasn’t too sure, myself. Everyone around us was acting goofy as heck!

12-08-17_10-21-09 PM.png


Honestly, Iggy was acting super weird, too.

“Ah, ha hehehe… so, uh…”

12-08-17_10-28-01 PM



12-08-17_10-28-14 PM


I knew I had to take control or this would end up weirder than it already was.

“So… I heard there was karaoke nearby. Wanna try?”

12-08-17_10-28-48 PM



Iggy seemed to relax and agreed that it would be fun!

12-08-17_10-29-22 PM


We walked over to the karaoke place next to the festival and I stepped up to the machine. I felt like I’ve been training for this moment my whole life! I picked a song I knew by heard and nailed it.

12-08-17_10-24-00 PM.png


Iggy went next and he was less good but I didn’t tell him that. Some things are better kept to one’s self.

When we were finished singing we decided to go back outside and get something to eat. As we were walking towards the food stalls an older gentleman dressed head to foot in red gently shoved a basket of flower petals in my direction. I jumped back slightly and he beamed at me.



“Toss some petals above your beloved’s head and you’ll have good luck in love!”


“It’s a Romance Festival tradition! The chances of love working in your favor greatly increase if you toss the petals! We have many success stories from returning guests and…”

He gave his spiel for a moment longer and I toned him out. I didn’t buy his story one bit; how stupid.

…but I did think the idea of throwing petals at Iggy would be pretty funny. I gave him a buck, grabbed my handful, and followed after Iggy.

I didn’t give him long to process what I was about to do.


Iggy spun around.

I assaulted him with petals!

12-08-17_10-31-06 PM


12-08-17_10-31-08 PM


He chuckled at what I’d done and smiled at his hand where a petal had landed.

12-08-17_10-31-18 PM


Then he looked at me and reached towards my shoulder.

“Petal in your hair…”

I just about melted on the spot.

…that’s enough for now, I think. Maybe I’ll tell you more later…


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AN: I was inspired by my FAVORITE anime romance ever with that last bit! (They are so cute, I can’t stand it!)

flower scene.jpg


Also, we broke curfew! Kedi tried to set Xilla straight but she would have NONE OF THAT. XD

cat curfew.png


Also, for some reason I couldn’t choose a pic before so look how cute Xilla is in motion, loooool!

xilla karaoke.gif


Xilla is beyond cute in general and I had a lot of trouble picking between her faces. I think it’s her giant eyes that make it hard, haha!



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