Rainy’s Troubled Teens: Shea

My submission for Rainy’s Troubled Teens story!

Before we start I think I should possibly give a small trigger warning? I allude a little to spousal abuse but don’t show anything except an argument. Also, Shea gets into it a little. And I sort of mention alcoholism. I just wanted to let you know in case it might upset anyone. ❤


Shea Lucero’s life used to be pretty good for a kid.

05-28-17_6-11-30 PM


His mother had him when she was just out of high school and the pair were very close. Shea didn’t know who his father was and Celine wouldn’t tell him. She told friends that she didn’t want to disrupt the man’s life as he had a large family. Shea felt that an unexpected pregnancy was pretty disruptive but he didn’t say that to her; he didn’t want to make her feel bad.



They used to live in a small apartment in San Myshuno. They were never hungry and usually content with their lives; Shea didn’t complain. Celine remained single and rarely dated. On the rare chance she’d go out Shea could see how excited she got when she met someone who struck her fancy.

He was happy, then, when his mother finally found a guy that seemed to be head over heels for her. They married just before Shea turned thirteen.

05-28-17_7-11-42 PM


Markus Blatt and his son, Ray, welcomed Celine and Shea into their home with ease. Ray’s mother had left Markus for another man when Ray was just a baby. He had only a few pictures of her but he had no memory. Celine’s presence was a major comfort to the child and Shea loved seeing his mother nurturing so many people.

Soon she became pregnant and gave birth to a little girl they named Mariah.

08-31-17_11-00-21 PM


As Mariah grew into an adorable toddler, Shea also grew into his teenage body.

06-04-17_3-09-44 PM


Girls took notice. He quickly fell into a relationship with his neighbor, Daisy. Things seemed to be going OK for teenage Shea, too.

06-04-17_4-07-15 PM


Then things started to change…

05-28-17_7-57-16 PM


Markus’s work schedule changed after Mariah was born and he began to work the night shift most evenings. This messed with his sleep schedule and practically every aspect of his life. He also had a mean streak and temper. On the rare night he was off work he’d drink until he could barely stand. Eventually the whole neighborhood could hear him shouting at Celine. She took it in silence.

08-31-17_11-06-16 PM


Shea did not.

08-31-17_11-13-31 PM


Markus and Shea had many a shouting match but one night it just went too far.

08-31-17_11-10-26 PM


08-31-17_11-11-37 PM


08-31-17_11-09-55 PM


In a fit of anger Shea made up his mind to get out of there.

08-31-17_11-09-44 PM


However, he worried about his siblings. He wanted to believe Markus wouldn’t hurt them (he’d never shouted at either of them) but he also knew the kids were often scared of their father. Shea wanted to keep them safe but he had to keep himself safe, too.

08-31-17_11-22-32 PM


It was a selfish move…

08-31-17_11-18-54 PM


…but Shea was OUT.

08-31-17_11-19-32 PM


In a streak of luck he caught the last bus to San Myshuno. One there he walked along the quiet streets, filled with adrenaline and rage. He didn’t worry about running into anyone unsavory, although he maybe should have.

08-31-17_11-39-31 PM


By the time the sun began to rise on the city Shea had reached the docks. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do now but at least he wasn’t home.

08-31-17_11-44-00 PM



So there you have it! Shea is on the gallery under the hashtag #RainyYOTO. I am sorry to report that the family is listed as modded although I am fairly confident they should all be CC free. (Also, I put Daisy’s family up, too, even though she’s not necessary at all, lol.)

Some practical background: He was born in game to Celine Lucero who was dating my 12th gen spare, Seiji Ikeda, as teens/YAs. He was two-timing her and ended up picking the other woman (which is probably for the best as she was also pregnant with quadruplets!)

Shea TOTALLY has the Ikeda nose, loool. His traits and aspiration were generated by the game. I let him keep his awesome haircut.

shea with traits



Shea was previously seen in Build Newcrest


  1. This is so cool! I actually started a story with the teens I submitted for Rainy’s YOTO challenge as well (although mine starts out with their moms story im working up to their births) lol
    Like this backstory. I will be downloading them later. 🤗❤️

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