Build Newcrest: Chapter 3.18

It’s been some time for us but I finally had our fourth child.



Yes, she was a single birth, thank goodness. We named her Eri. Now she’s a toddler and we decided to have some family pictures done. She’s quite the ham as you can see.



Roka has grown so much; now he’s a handsome young man. Tyler says he looks like me but I can see some of Tyler in him, too. Speaking of Tyler, he grew out his beard so he no longer looks like a teenager. He always says that his family is notorious for looking eternally young. I think our kids will have it good, won’t you think?

Somehow, even with everything going on, I managed to find time to look through some old pictures. These were from one of our birthday celebrations for the twins, Maeko and Kyoko. Hope you enjoy looking through them!

Photo Comp.png


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AN: This update has been sitting in my drafts for a while but I haven’t made the time to edit it. I just get so distracted with other stories and saves! I’ve been working on the Robinsons, Xilla, Miyo, Shea, and dreaming of new ones to start! It’s a dangerous life, lol. You can expect me to update Newcrest once Pets comes out, though!

I’m also working on building a PC so that I have better performance so cross your fingers that I can get my act together before Nov 10! If you’d like to help me here’s the link to my working part list. It’s really rough; don’t judge, LOL.

As for this update, I forgot I had these pics before I had the girls age up so you get to see them now, haha! I used a great website called Canva to make those polaroid shots. It’s super neat and all of my website banners here as well as my forum signature are from there.

meggsims banner


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