Legacy Collab: Rocket Speed!

Hey, y’all! I’m back-back from my weekend in Indianapolis where I attended GenCon, a tabletop gaming convention. It was fun and I bought a few things (even painted a pony!)

Anyway, I posted the heir poll just before this so if you haven’t voted you still have time. I mean, until Pearl ages up to YA at least. Right now a certain young lady is leading but, of course, this can change.

I also am just about caught up with everyone’s stories (except for Rainy since she’s a machine when it comes to putting out content, lol) so I can happily get back to reading casually when the updates appear in the thread.

Back to my game…

Well, I have some good news for Andrew/Heaven fans: she finally said yes.


I had them elope with Eli present. So sweet.

08-21-17_2-44-04 PM


It’s a good thing we got this taken care of fast because she was pregnant (more on that later…)

yay baby


I also decided to have them marry ASAP because we got the next (lol) death notification for Eli. This time we were going through with it.

last time


I think that Moose knew the end was near so he invited her out on a date! I decided to let her go for once. I recently placed a ton of lots and there was a neat sushi place I’ve been wanting to try and Moose picked it! (Also I super love simproved!)

1 sushi place.png


This place looks even better at night! The cute not-couple had a good time, I think. There was no announcement about how to date went so I guess it wasn’t an “official” one.


Back to the younger folks, Rosie was feeling like she could use some stress relief. We can’t trust woohoo for that or she could get pregnant so yoga it was! (I have ways of protecting them, don’t worry, lol.)

08-14-17_9-43-31 PM


Bozo is doing OK so far. He seems to constantly be hungry (which you’ll find is a very bad thing…)

08-14-17_9-43-57 PM


I was more in a “just play” mood than “get screenshots” mood when I was playing two times ago so I missed Ruby’s birthday. That’s OK – she’ll live. She’s a major cutie pie!



Her toddler trait turned out to be inquisitive. I didn’t notice much of a difference from her older sister but whatevs.

08-21-17_4-00-10 PM


I know this isn’t super realistic but I love how Rosie picked her up, lol.

08-21-17_4-01-26 PM


Back downstairs I decided to get a pic of the three generations like I did with Pearl before. You know, just in case one beats out the other.


Around this time we got the second death warning…

oh no this is it


Eli invited Chester out for some quality couple time.

08-21-17_5-21-16 PM


Despite the flirty mood the two did not get on well… It’s disappointing because they were so cute when they first got together. Darned woohoo skill! It completely effed us up…

08-21-17_6-26-18 PM


It didn’t help that Eli was exhausted. For some reason this family can’t get any rest. Maybe I need to upgrade their beds again…

08-21-17_5-22-55 PM


Remember the gardening club? I decided to pass the reigns down to Rosie. It didn’t go as smoothly as I expected… They definitely lost a few relationship points, whoops.

yikes sorry


Pearl’s nephew, Tyree, was in the club and he had recently aged into a teenager. he got the best features from his mother and his dad’s dashing blonde hair. Aw, he’s adorable. (I should save him for the future…)


Okay, I’ve put it off long enough…


We’ll miss you, Eli! You were a great sim!

Following her death I found that she was trapped as a ghost in my panel! After saving and coming back in she was safety ensconced in her tombstone so that was good.



Following the Event, little Ruby decided to be brave and chatted up Grimmy.



With Eli gone I decided to work on gen 3. Pearl and Ruby went next door to meet the new neighbors, the Moose family.

Ruby and the triplets stayed outside and got to know each other. It was pretty cute how they stood around and talked.

08-22-17_9-25-00 PM


I ’bout lost it when I saw this little boy’s name!

i am ray the moose


In my symphony chorus last season we had a song that was in Spanish and if you weren’t listening carefully there was a line that sounded like, “I am Ray the Moose!” XD

Back to the game… I seriously didn’t realize that their last name was Moose and not Hodges like I randomly renamed original Moose. I guess that’s good so we won’t have two Moose Hodges running around as ghosts some day. So, instead we have Moose Moose. XD

moose moose


Pearl was not so thrilled to meet him. It’s like she knows I’m setting her up. SORRY, babe. You don’t get to choose your destiny this time ’round.


…neither do you, Ruby. One of you will end up with him so you better be prepared! If Ruby is chosen as the next heir maybe Pearl can soothe Moose’s soul when Ruby cheats on him… Poor Moose. (If you’re confused go check out the heir poll…)


Ruby doesn’t seem happy to hear about her future as a serial romancer, either.

08-22-17_9-37-48 PM


…Pearl isn’t happy to see her father in a speedo.

08-22-17_9-40-23 PM


Moving ahead, Uncle Andrew popped over for a while and it was nice to have him around. I was always fond of him.

08-22-17_9-59-29 PM


He didn’t stay long, unfortunately, but he had a good reason!

wowowow heaven


Triplets! AHHH! They named them Coty, Peyton, and Bianca. (Peyton is a boy’s name, if you had to check like I did, lol)

pagan ojo


I took that shot before I moved out that extra chick in the middle. Her name is Lauren Walsh and she’s the daughter of Darling and this one playboy named Bowen Rossi. The redhead on the opposite side is Melany Ojo, Heaven’s sister (still single and untouched by the pregnancy scans so far).

Let’s take a quick moment to chat about the MCCC which has given me some interesting family tree fodder. Bowen has been with three women: Darling Walsh, Mandy Feng (who he married), and Rosie’s own half-sister, Sydney Chauhan. Lauren was the oldest of Bowen’s children and she’s a teen here. After a long time came Sydney’s daughter, Alina, and then shortly after that he married Mandy and they had triplets (the last four are all around the same age).

So, because Alina and Lauren share a father we can consider Lauren part of the family by “marriage”, I guess. If you want to waste a lot of time you can go check out the family tree and scroll around. I added EVERYONE because I didn’t want to stop. It was fun, can’t lie, lol. Alexander Goth is also a playboy in this save, just so you know. XD

Let’s take a look at how the other families are doing. I can’t remember if I showed this to you yet so here we go. Here’s Lucie and Aubrey, their twins, Sofia and Skyler, and Aubrey’s daughter, Catherine.

aubrey and fam


The twins have aged up since then so here’s an updated shot of everyone. I honestly don’t remember which twin is which but you can see how different they each look.


Next we have Damien, Angel, and Tyree. Poor Damien is old old…

pagan robinson


Ugh, Tyree is so nice looking!!!


Before we head out, here’s just a few shots that didn’t make it in today.

Shaurya is a good dad, awwwww.


And it’s funny that both Moose and Moose Moose are actually children, ha ha ha.

08-22-17_9-36-15 PM


Next time Pearl schemes to age up Moose Moose, bwa ha haaaa!


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  1. I ended up renaming him Moose Morrison in my save. I didn’t realize you’d put in the child Moose which is cool because his brother and sisters will have the same names in both our saves! Ray married and has a toddler who we just had a play date with today! Waiting (impatiently) to see who wins the heir poll! I think yours is the third Elise death. She haunts at my house quite often. Loves the water slide.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I wonder if I should do my poll early too. Then again, the girls age up to teen in 4 days anyway. They’ve yet to meet Duke because I’ve been busy with play dates.

        Liked by 1 person

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