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What a difference a few years can make. Maeko and Kyoko are both in school now and the house is quiet during the day. In the hours before I head to the office, Tyler and I usually lounge in the bedroom. It’s pretty cozy and I’m happy that we have the opportunity. Of course, as these things do, stolen moments sometimes lead to other things…



Yes, I know. Tyler and I agreed that three kids was enough but fate had other plans. I’m just praying that I don’t have multiples again.

Despite having a maid that drops by every morning I still find myself cleaning in the evening like a fool. Am I nesting? I feel like I’m fully nested already so I don’t know what’s up with me.



With the incoming baby we’ve been trying to have more adult get-togethers before we run out of time. Everyone is doing okay with their families.



Lately Miyako has been pestering poor Yuko about her love life. She’s been seeing that Landgraab boy for a few years but they just won’t get engaged! It’s driving Mi crazy. I say let her do what she wants.

Ichiro and Mi’s lives are same-same. They are the families with the fewest children so their lives are somewhat more quiet.

Seiji and his five kids are busy busy busy. He still doesn’t know about Shea even though he inches closer to teendom every day just like my Roka.

Roka’s been focusing on his creative side lately.

05-24-17_9-10-39?PM 05-24-17_10-26-35?PM


He’s just so talented! I’m not just saying that because I’m his mother… He’s also my firstborn. If Roka had heard me just now he would say in his growing voice,




Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Their cousins come over all the time. Maeko and Kyoko hold court like they’re in one of “Great” (x6!) Aunt Aya’s books.

05-24-17_9-39-50?PM 05-24-17_9-40-01?PM 05-24-17_9-38-25?PM


Speaking of which, I should look into those. Maybe it’s time for a rerelease with editor notes, hmm…


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