Suzu Clan: Chapter 1.23

The seasons passed and it soon came time for Kailyn to give birth. Tatiana and Yuki attended her through the evening and into the morning hours, calling on Alyssa, Yela, and Diana to fetch water and supplies.



Finally, after many hours Kailyn delivered a miracle: three daughters. She named them Ellia, Amila, and Evalia.

07-16-17_5-50-48 PM.png


The clan celebrated by banging the gong despite the hour, cheering, and the sharing of drinks. Kailyn went to sleep but the party raged on into the morning. The clan would spend the next day resting.

The younger sisters shared the duty of caring for the triplets along with Kailyn. The babies’ cries could be heard from almost anywhere in the compound so the sisters would come running from wherever they were.

07-16-17_6-35-17 PM.png


The father of the children lived in another village so a messenger was sent to give him the news of their births. He would be permitted to visit the children if he wished. Everyone assumed he would come as it was quite the honor to be the father of triplet daughters.

“The goddess Selene has blessed this clan!”  the women of the village chirped together as they called upon the compound. Other muffled chatter was speculation on if the father would be sacrificed or not. As you know, the practice of sacrificing the men after the birth of a child depended on the clan and law of the village. Suzu’s village often turned a blind eye, especially in the case of her household.

They asked Suzu what she thought would happen and she responded with a cool head.

“I imagine he will be sought after to sire royal children as news of the births spreads. He is very lucky.”

The women nodded their agreement, sticking up their noses.

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AN: Woohoo! I think I accidentally found out she was having triplets AGES ago with MCCC but I had forgotten! What a nice surprise. 🙂 Downside is that I have aged them up to toddlers TWICE now and crashed while saving after changing their outfits. I did some testing and nothing seems to cause a problem. Maybe it’s just a CC overload… Turns out it was that 16 sims was TOO MANY SIMS. For the meantime the triplets have been sent across the street to live with their grandma and aunts (the father’s family).

Also! I made a dress in SimsStudio! I was going for an obi with that sash but those don’t cinch in. I don’t know how to mesh yet so I guess this is it for now. I’ll also touch up the bow and make a cleaner shadow around it. Oo, maybe I’ll even add a front opening like a robe! So many ideas… (The toddler below was the quickly made child of one of the EA premades that popup in CAS. Isn’t she cute?)


      1. All right, I’ll stop bothering you about it. In all seriousness, I love the voice for this story so far. I like the plot, your take on the challenge and I especially like Suzu. In and of herself she’s an interesting character, but in this setting she’s shining. Can’t wait for more!

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  1. Oooh, triplet daughters?! Tribe Suzu is really blessed by the Goddess! 😀 Lady Suzu’s right. How could they ever dare to sacrifice a father of three daughters? Hehe. Celebration time!
    Also, your dress looks very nice. I still (and probably will forever) shy away from creating own clothing xD

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