Build Newcrest: Chapter 3.16


A word of advice for anyone with multiples: get. help.

I don’t know how I forgot about dealing with multiple babies. Maybe it was because we had so many adults around when Roka and the quads were toddlers… Maybe I blocked out the memory. But I can now say that twins are TOUGH! My girls couldn’t be cuter, though – no one denies that!

Yuko comes over and helps us out every once in a while. The girls love their Auntie Yu.

01-18-17_11-12-01?PM 01-18-17_11-12-03?PM


Both of them seem to be a nice mix of Tyler and I but I think they both resemble me in their faces slightly more. I’m sure that’ll change as they get older but for now I have two mini K’s running around. Even so they both pose their own special challenges…

01-18-17_11-06-39?PM 01-18-17_11-05-17?PM


Kyoko is incredibly fussy. We go through about three bowls of food when it’s time for her to eat because she always tosses them to the floor. Whoever feeds her has to be on guard so she doesn’t throw a fit from hunger (so illogical!)

01-22-17_3-14-44?PM 01-22-17_3-14-57?PM


Maeko, on the other hand, is pretty quiet. Sure, she’ll cry if I leave the room but she’s always watching someone in the house or investigating different pieces of furniture. Just the other day I watched her carefully tap the keys on the piano and ponder what she was doing. See how sweet she is (and how horrible Kyoko is?)

01-18-17_11-14-16?PM 01-18-17_11-14-47?PM


Kyoko might have her grumpy moments but she’s still my baby.


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