Suzu Clan: Chapter 1.22

Once the dust had settled on the renovations to their property, the new sisters and attendants moved in. Alyssa and Rigel continued to connect and spent most of their free time talking by the fire.

Having so many women in the clan was exciting for Akemi. She was edging close to being a pest but the newcomers were very sweet to her and indulged their “little sister”.

07-16-17_4-23-40 PM.png


“Older sister” Yela kept to herself most of the time.

06-20-17_12-27-04 AM


She was beginning to think more and more about her absent mother. She remembered nothing of her. She even dreamed about her. Sometimes her mother was a loving angel and other times she was a hateful witch. Yela didn’t know the truth and no one would talk to her about it.



As the next eligible young man of the clan, Magnus felt a little uncomfortable. Having just entered his teen years he realized that Diana or Yuki could possibly look to him in the future. For what reason he did not fully know but it made him nervous regardless. He would have to ask Rigel about such things…

07-16-17_3-33-55 PM.png


As for the compound, one of the new additions was the underground basement. The space was cool and quiet. It held a closet for storing extra clothes and supplies, two massage rooms, and a sauna. The sauna quickly became a favorite of everyone. The sisters enjoyed relaxing at the end of the day and shared stories about their old clans and families. The attendants were even allowed to use the space when the women were not.

For Rigel, though, the sauna posed a temptation. He was not an attendant but also not a sister so he was in a sort of gray area where some rules were concerned. The sauna was a public space and he could sit with either the women or men if he felt like it. However, there was no rule about being alone with any of the girls…

Rigel and Alyssa learned this the hard way.

The group of teenagers had retreated there late one evening following a hearty meal and drinks with the rest of the clan. Down in the sauna the drinking continued with a smuggled bottle of wine. After a while of laughter and Diana and Yuki shared a secret look and announced they were going outside for some air. Rigel and Alyssa, oblivious to their intent, waved them off and continued to laugh and drink together. One thing led to another and that was it.

07-17-16_6-58-37 PM.png


The spell of the sauna was not limited to the teenagers. Desperate for intimacy and companionship the attendants and sisters all took advantage of the room. Another secret affair was bound to happen sooner or later…

Suzu seemed oblivious to the going-ons down there. Or, perhaps she was hiding her own secret.

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AN: Where does the wealth for all these additions come from? They are truly blessed by the goddess of the Moon! (It’s actually also due to their harvests – gardening is SO lucrative!)

Also, I did not make these things happen! The autonomous + no strings woohoo mod really caused some issues here, haha! No pregnancies (yet)!

For instance, off camera has gotten steamy for Tatiana – she and Phoenix have shared in the sauna more than once! I don’t know how I’d suddenly give Phoenix a change of heart regarding her. I actually had a screenshot of them in the sauna together here and was going to share it before I reread this story to catch my brain up. That was a lucky catch for me!


  1. So Rigel and Alyssa it is 🙂 Good choice, Rigel, I’m backing you! Also, Yela is sooo gorgeous with her huge sweet eyes! And so lonely *sniff* Hopefully she’ll find something or someone to make her happy one day. What will learning about her mother do to her? I’m kinda afraid of that.

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