The Xilla Project: Reflection

Case Study Log of Infant 87 [I87] #C87 #T87
Caregiver: Liliana Ikeda
(Entry by Liliana)

The years sort of fly by, don’t they?

One day you’re dealing with a spoiled snot head feigning illness to get out of chores and the next she’s willingly helping out in the garden and asking how I’m feeling.

12-16-17_11-50-12 AM


Xilla has turned into a responsible and kind young woman. Her ET siblings turned out similarly.

12-16-17_10-01-19 PM


Pixit has told me that she and the others enjoy coming to our place the most. Sure, there may be more space at Alec’s house but they appreciate the coziness we provide. Plus she told me that we have the best food. There’s no question about that. Raj usually has the fridge stocked.

12-16-17_8-36-57 PM


Of course, it hasn’t been all sunshine and daisies. Over the past eighteen years (has it really been that long?) some of the kids have struggled. Kal went through a rebellious phase but he seems to have come out of it OK. Xelab had some boyfriend drama but I’ve been told that she’s resolved her issues (I hope so!)

The other caregivers and I have been through a lot of personal things as well. Alec and Hajar dated and are now married, Raj and I are engaged – there’s a lot to be excited about!

05-22-18_9-55-25 PM.png


Dina has a slightly different story. Like most of us she was taken up into space at some point. However, unlike the rest of us, she agreed to participate in one of their mating rituals and became pregnant. To all of our surprise she was carrying three half ET babies. Dina loves them as much as she came to love Xelab so she is happy (although exhausted). She claims that she keeps in touch with their father but that remains to be seen…

05-22-18_10-09-54 PM.png


I am grateful that Xilla has done as well as she has. From what I’ve read online it appears that not all the ET kids in this program thrive.

12-16-17_11-30-15 AM


For instance, Xilla has a natural gift for music. She’s always playing guitar in the backyard (as to not disturb me, how kind) and she’s joined the guitar club at her school. She says she might want to go into music as a career option! I would absolutely support her.

12-16-17_12-00-47 PM


She’s been to a few meetups with other ET kids from other cities and said that she feels different from them. Sometimes, she said, she feels out of touch. I know she’s struggled with that for a long time. She told me that she believes it’s because she grew up with other children right next door and she didn’t need to search for a place to belong. I could definitely see why she might think that. She never really made an effort to dig up her ancestry. Perhaps there is still time for her to do that as an adult.


We celebrated Xilla’s eighteenth birthday with strawberry cake (made by Raj, of course) and all of our friends and family in attendance.

12-16-17_10-39-53 PM


She didn’t tell me what she wished for but she did mention how grateful she was for the care and love I showed her during our time together. She knows how dishonest the Agency was in its infancy and she understands how hard it must have been to suddenly have a frightened child to care for.

She’s mentioned music as a career but I wonder if she’d consider working with the Agency now and try to reform some things. I think she’d be great at something like that!

12-16-17_10-39-40 PM


After everyone left for the evening she took me aside and gave me a huge hug.

“If I’m ever a mother I hope I’m as good as you were to me.”


AN: Well, that’s a wrap on this challenge! I finished several many months ago. I had a good time playing this save and I’m still enjoying myself with her young adult life (spoiler: even though the game threw me a curveball tonight. Not sure yet if I’m going to keep that in the story…)

Thank you for your support through this looooong trip of a story! I hope you found it fun even if my posting was sporadic. It’s a nice feeling to complete a story and, while I have a little more to tell, the base of it’s done. I’m hoping to have a final chapter soon!

Finally, please take a look at Xilla’s final traits and skills. She wasn’t a prodigy but she did OK. 😂

xilla adult traits combined



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  1. Congratulations! I really enjoyed her story. You wrote it beautifully! I hope she can come visit Sept and Mallory in the Bay sometime! I’m taking a break until June, but I’ll be ready for her then, if she wants to drop by the cafe or come for a visit! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m excited to send her over to you!

      I had a great idea last night that involves Xilla actually using music therapy to help the ET kids that are coming to Earth (if they still are!) Combining her musical ability with her understanding of how the Agency is doing things now. I’d have to do a little background reading on music therapy (I did not cover that in school!) because I don’t want to sound silly but I like the idea. 🙂


  2. Congratulations on finishing the challenge! Wow, that house is full of ETs and other cool guys! And Xilla is such a beautiful person in both spirit and aesthetics. I hope to see Xilla and Liliana and others again in the future!

    Liked by 1 person

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