State of the Blog: May 2018



Man, I was showing some folks my March/April calendar and it was CRAZY! I counted and only had five evenings free out of seven weeks! I think I played Sims for an hour once before a rehearsal during that whole time.

Last night I was able to head in game for a little bit before I got distracted by Aggretsuko (you should def check it out if you have Netflix – too real!!!). I’ve also been incredibly distracted by Cardcaptor Sakura (I live for new episodes on Saturday nights and the first few days of the month when they release a new chapter of the manga! The anime will be done in a few weeks, though, so I’ll get my time back, lol.)

If you have any ideas on how to boost my brain I’d love to hear them, looool. I saw CathyTea is doing a MayADay (1ADayInMay?) writing challenge (or something like that!) but I’m not sure if I have the brain power to follow through with more than one post. I’m also super lazy, so…


Now for my stories:

  • Xilla – Slowly working on perfecting the ending to this! I’ve played her in the future and I’m trying to work up to a comfortable spot to have her life sit in case she stumbles into any collaborations. Her apartment is lovely and her family (and extended family!) is so nice and complex. I love looking into what MCC has done for this save.
  • Newcrest – Just haven’t played them. My game is caught up to my story so that’s a major plus! It’s always easy to get back to them so I’m not concerned.
  • Suzu – Still untouched. I will most likely jump ahead in time so I can start fresh with a new idea. I have some things planned but it’s executing those things that will be a problem.
  • Robinson Collab – this is always a fun save to get back into things if I’m stuck. It will remain that way. πŸ™‚
  • Single Sim Challenge –Β  Right now I’m working on introducing the parents. The main sim is about to age to toddler so I paused and procrastinated moving forward last night. I think the prospect of playing on long is intimidating me. Maybe I could turn off aging and then decide when I’ve had enough. Who cares about rules, right? πŸ˜‰

Related to that last challenge, I’ve been toying with the idea of writing everything first and then releasing things nicely once a week to get some structure. This is a great idea for me but it means that I wouldn’t get things out forΒ ages. I think I may end up doing this anyway with my collab with Rainy that I’ve mentioned once or twice. I’m slow with that, too! (See, I do need a brain boosts!)

Here’s hoping the spring/summer goes well for my simlit life! πŸ™‚



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  1. What a music – filled spring you had! Yeah, I’m writing a short story a day. It’s a break from the longer pieces because I’m in a busy phase …. and also needing a break from long works. But I think I’ll be ready to collab with you and Xilla once she grows up !

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