The Xilla Project: Rocket

Case Study Log of Infant 87 [I87] #C87 #T87
“Caregiver”: Liliana Ikeda
(Entry by Xilla)

Lili bought a rocket kit. I have no idea why, honestly.

12-08-17_10-05-34 PM.png


I also don’t know how it got here without me noticing!

One night I went to bed and the next morning there was a base already put together. Beats me how she did it on her own! Maybe Raj helped her? Maybe it came like that and the delivery folks just dropped it off.

Why get a rocket before even owning a car?

Well, whatever her reasoning was she managed to sweet talk Raj and I to help her assemble it. It was actually pretty fun and I think I learned a bit about rocketry. (The instructions were easier than putting together furniture but who can read all those crazy diagrams, anyway?)

doctored up.png


It felt nice working with the two of them. I’ve gotten so used to it being just Lili and I that I didn’t realize how much another person really changes our dynamic.

12-16-17_11-37-02 AM.png


On top of that, Lili has been a lot happier and less stressed since they started dating.

12-16-17_11-33-16 AM


I really can’t blame her. With Raj around I feel comfortable and safe. PLUS he’s a fantastic cook as well. I’ll come home from school and he’ll have a giant platter of chicken parmesan (extra parm, of course) ready to go.

I think the best part is that he’s never once looked at me like I’m a weirdo or outsider because I’m an ET. I appreciate that about him.

12-16-17_11-34-33 AM



It took us a good amount of time to complete the rocket. It blows my mind that they’ll let any person who wants to put one together actually use it!

12-16-17_11-38-16 AM


I also can’t believe Lili felt comfortable enough to go up there. Like, am I dreaming?!

12-16-17_11-41-26 AM


All day I checked in on her progress on the computer and listened extra hard for any sounds hinting at her return.

12-16-17_11-42-28 AM


She made it back safely. I was glad.

12-16-17_11-43-36 AM


I told her not to go up while I’m at school because someone needs to make sure she/s safe. She promised she would only go if Raj was around. Well, that’s a relief. I’m sure she’s taking all the necessary safety precautions and I have nothing to worry about.



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