State of the Blog: Nov 1

I’m here, I’m here!

How is it November already? Long time friends here know that I slow down substantially during the last months of the year (this is different from normal how?). As a musician I am just much busier because of concerts and church services and all that jazz.

October was especially busy! Two weddings, lots of parties, rehearsals up the wazoo, Reformation services, and now it’s November! This month there are two concerts, Thanksgiving services, Thanksgiving itself, and an Advent Tea I’m playing/singing for right at the end. Then it’ll be December with a concert right off the bat, rehearsals, church services, family visiting from Australia(!), Christmas services, parties, Christmas, and then ending with the symphony New Years Eve concert I’m singing for.

I had also hoped to have made progress on the PC I want to build but I am too much of a perfectionist and I don’t want to pick the wrong parts. By the way, if you’d like to offer suggestions to me here’s the link to my working part list. I don’t believe it is complete; I’m missing some of the non-essential things and monitor(!) but otherwise it would technically all work if I bought them.

I’m SUPER EXCITED for Cats & Dogs. First on the docket will be Oolie (maybe Megs and the Magical Kid Squad can have an adventure with her!), second, a white fluffy cat for Xilla, and third, a pet for the Ikedas. I am crossing my fingers that my laptop doesn’t lag too much, otherwise I’ll have to work on getting those computer parts!

I sort of touched on the different stories that distracted me last in my last BN update but it doesn’t hurt to bring it here again. I want to get back to ALL of my stories, of course, but taking precedence will be  Xillathe Ikedas, and Suzu. I will also return to Miyo, The Robinsons, and HOPEFULLY the Clouds. I’ve been playing Miyo (without screenies!) because it’s vanilla and pretty fast so I’m not sure I’ll continue it besides a little update since it’s actually a challenge.

Anyway, nothing exciting for y’all today but I wanted you to know I’m still around the blog. 🙂 I’m always on twitter, though, so you can find me there: @Megglesims

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    1. **bows down** you are my hero. Thank you for the advice on the power supply! I’ll check out your build when I’m at lunch today, too!

      I’m too afraid to make mistakes so I spend a little time here or there looking to see what would work out OK. I’ve also got a young technie friend from church who said he’d help me pick things out but I haven’t wanted to bother him since he’s got school to deal with. I’ve put aside $1000 just in case I need it all (looks like I might!)


      1. Mine is a little more than I need, but I don’t just play Sims. I have some very harsh games that need more power.

        It’s definitely not as expensive as it is listed here. I got a lot of rebates/sale prices. This was built August of 2016. Some stuff is still older than that.

        I pick out what I want and hubby goes through and makes sure it’s all compatible for me.
        Also, with it being close to the holidays, there are going to be some great deals, so you should save a lot of money. I had to save up a long time, so I was able to take my time and piece together everything that I wanted. I’m still missing some stuff. I’d like a new external drive, but this year I’m saving for the Playstation VR for my son, so anything that I want will need to wait until next year.

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  1. Love you lots Megs! Hope you’re enjoying every bit of being busy IRL – it sounds like a wonderful time filled with lots of music, celebration and visiting with family and friends! ❤

    And all the best with PC building! You can do this! 😀

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