Photobucket Fail Fix

Some quick advice if you want to “easily” transfer over your pictures to WordPress from Photobucket…

Today I discovered that I was one of those unfortunate users that had their stories borked by Photobucket. I was pretty annoyed and found out I had to edit 10+ posts to save my stories.

However, it’s not too annoying if you have the space to upload pictures to WordPress…

First, open WordPress in Chrome and head to a borked post.

Next, find the picture you want to rescue.

Right click that puppy and select “copy image address”.



I’ve been pressing enter before the picture and using that space to insert pics but you do you.

Put your cursor where you want the rescued pic to go and select “insert content”.



Click the little arrow next to “add new” and then select “add via url”.



Paste the link you copied before and select “upload”. Wait patiently and then press “insert”.



You’ve rescued your pic!



Now you can delete your old, grubby Photobucket pic and leave them.



When I finish fixing my posts (only one to go!) I’m going to delete the Photobucket albums.

I hope this short little tutorial helped you out! If not, keep on scrolling. 😛




  1. Thanks so much Meggs! I’m in the process of salvaging my images from Photobucket, and came to a dead end when they just put up the ‘Please update your account’ photo in lieu of the screenshots I uploaded. This happens about three or four pages into my albums on the site. :/

    Your tutorial works like a charm! Really appreciate you taking the time and effort to post this to help us out. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll take me quite a while, as it’s a stepping stone to downloading the pictures to my laptop and reuploading them to Imgur. I don’t want to post my shots to WordPress (I have way too many), and I need to keep backups after what happened. xD

        It’ll be okay! I hope this doesn’t happen again to any one of us. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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