Build Newcrest: Chapter 3.8

A time jump! I know we love these in the simlit world, hahaa!

It has been a while, let me tell you. A lot has happened since I (Kazue) last spoke to you guys and it’s pretty much all good.

I’m out of high school now (ended with straight As!) and working for the same place Dad did after he graduated. I’m an author and I’m doing really well.


I mean, I already have a lot of published books and screenplays under my belt… Here’s a stub from my very first royalty check! (They’ve since gone WAY up!)


Dad is really impressed with me and says I’m much better than he is. I told him not to talk like that but he said he’s just proud of me. Aw, shucks!

Ichiro and Charlene married right away. We knew this would happen. He’s a big sweetie and she’s a big sweetie so I didn’t think they’d break up any time soon.



They have a daughter, too: Katherine. She’s a cutie pie!


The rest of us are at home still (for now). Seiji has a girlfriend even though he said he wouldn’t.


Her name is Celine and she’s really nice, too. After they finished with school they started hanging out together at the dance halls in Windenburg. We like her a lot.


HOWEVER, Seiji isn’t so sure. He’s feeling trapped (he’s non-committal just like Dad…) I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid (even though he probably will).

Mi broke up with that Jensen guy (thank goodness). Now she’s with Edward Lorenz (remember him?) They’re engaged!


Since she’ll move out soon we did some renovating of the third floor. (A secret: my book sales have made it so there’s barely a dent in our backup funds!) We turned it into a private suite with a new computer, my sewing stuff, and a bedroom. Yuko has a bedroom up there, too.



Uh… I’ll show you more later because I think you’d probably like to meet our new little sister, huh?




Yuko is so adorable. She brightens our days and is very inquisitive. She’s a lot like Mom and I and we all geek out over TV shows together. We’ve started watching retro cartoons with her and it’s amazing.


I’m so happy this kid is in our lives.

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AN: I used a pose for this one – from Flower Chamber’s Marry You


  1. Aww! So happy to hear Charlene’s part of the family. Katherine’s a sweetheart! And so is little Yuko – she’s so beautiful!

    I’m in love with K’s office! That little lucky cat and those gorgeous walls. ❤

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