Build Newcrest: Chapter 3.7

This is Ichiro and I’ll tell you a bit about life lately since the play and other stuff happened.

First off, Dad got a promotion! He’s an official journalist now!


He has to do interviews and write articles and wow, does that take time. I do not envy his job. I will not be taking on that profession when it’s time for me to do so.

Next, the house has been coming along nicely. And we have a ghost.


You heard me. She started appearing on the second floor right before we started remodeling.


It took us a while but Mi figured out who she thinks she was.


She was either Edward Lorenz’s mother or grandmother (Mi’s memory bites). Edward was the guy Mi had been chatting up before she met snot head, Jensen. I don’t like him at all.

Leaving him out of this, though, Mi noticed she kept following her around and eventually said Edward’s name. It didn’t really freak her out even though I think it totally should have!

Anyway, Seiji and I researched how to help ghosts and we found her urn and returned it to the mortuary. I don’t know how it got out but at least she won’t come in to our house and blare the stereo at 3 AM anymore…




Next, the most important news, Mom finally had the baby!


We were all at school (Dad stayed home from work) and they had a home birth, like all of us were.

(Dad looks thrilled to be there…)

Mom had one girl this time (thank Watcher). They named her Yuko.


Of course K and I were immediately put on babysitting duty as soon as we got home.


The kid’s pretty cute. Even though this kid is eligible to be the heir K isn’t upset at all. How could she be? We’ve got a new baby sister to dote on…


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