Build Newcrest: Chapter 3.9

My name is Yuko!


I am the baby of this giant family on both sides. I never got to meet my grandparents because they died a long time ago. Mi says that our parents are pretty old to be having a kid my age.

All of my siblings are done with school now so they’re really good at helping with my homework. Even though I was an “oopsie” (that’s what Seiji calls it) they say they were all pretty happy to have me around anyway.

That’s good because I’m happy to be here.

I used to have a room all to myself upstairs but Mi moved in recently. She’s gonna get married soon and K wanted to redo the upstairs soooo I know I’ll have it to myself again soon. Oh, and you can see the pond and creek from outside of my window and it’s fun to watch everyone walk by.



Next to my room is K’s office and that’s connected to her and Tyler’s bedroom on the other side of the floor.

ignores your shocked expression

We also have two pet fishies: Beauty and Goldie.


We have frogs, too, but Mama keeps them outside, I guess. I don’t know where they are, actually. Maybe they are magic frogs!

continues to ignore you

I am a Voidcritter MASTER! Mom and Dad bought me a whole bunch of packs and I almost collected all the cards. I have two foil ones, too!


finally acknowledges you

What, you want to know more about Tyler? K hasn’t introduced you yet?

I don’t knooooow… She’d be better at introducing him that I would… Buuuuut he’s fun. He is a little shy but K can be, too, so I guess it’s good!


They dated for a year before he moved in. Before him she dated this other guy but then they didn’t really go anywhere. (The other guy was cool, too!)


After they broke up she realized she really liked Tyler and they hit it off.

There, you happy now? I’m gonna go train my Meduso…


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