State of the Blog: Summer Edition

EY! So I just wanted to take care of some housekeeping for the blog and get my thoughts together on a few of my stories.

Ikeda Legacy/Build Newcrest

This one is going strong; the Ikedas are my babies. In my next update there will be a time jump. Baby Yuko is already a kid (and almost a teen!) in my game and you’ll meet her in the next chapter. Sometimes I still can’t wrap my head around the age jump from baby to child so this time I’m coping by making it be about 6 or 7 years after her birth. @_@ I’ve got three chapters written but I keep having to change stuff to match what’s happening in my game. OH WELL.

Suzu Clan

I super duper love Suzu and her world but I’ve been avoiding them for a while because I want my writing to be a little stronger. I’m a perfectionist procrastinator, as you know, so I didn’t want to get started. I’m going to attempt to get back to them. I have a chapter about Masa written but that’s like, fringe-canon since you won’t see him ever, probably. I mean, he could show up after Suzu dies (NEVER!).

Next on the docket is letting Rigel choose a few girls he likes to bring them into the clan. We never bring in more members and I need to fix that. Good thing I’m not really playing by challenge rules, haha!

Cloud Prettacy

Not gonna lie, this one is hard to write (just because I’m interested in playing). Last time I updated you on things I complained about the laggy lot. *shrugs* I might enjoy this one more if I bulldozed and made a simple lot. Maybe even put it on short lifespan. Not sure. Not worried about it currently.


I wasn’t going to talk about my ISBI and I almost forgot about PRT! These are still on hold. Sorry to those of you that like them! ❤

[Unnamed Series]

I am still stoked about this project. I am writing it all out first and then taking screenies so we’ll see how long it takes me to release it. I posted a thread on the forums looking for submissions for neighbors so we’ll see if that gains any more attention. (PSST! You can submit to me there, too! Or here if you need to, actually! I don’t want to leave anyone out!)

Rosina’s Cottage

Do you actually know anything about this? Did I actually tell you? WELL. On twitter a bit ago I started an old fashioned save that didn’t use electricity. Rosina was the character and she’s adorable and… you can catch up to her here!


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