The Xilla Project: Infant 87


Case Study Log of Infant 87 [I87]
Caregiver: Liliana Ikeda

Infant 87 and I arrived at home just before dinner. She’s sleeping now and I finally have the time to sit down and record the day.


07-04-17_7-05-27 PM


This morning I went out to the courthouse to pick the little one up. There was one more interview where Ms Rosa (I finally learned her name, ha!) asked me some additional questions and checked that I was truly ready for this. Was I? Would they have wiped my memory if I said no?

07-04-17_6-03-39 PM


She went over to her computer to type something and then looked up at me.

07-04-17_6-03-13 PM


“You’ll be taking a little girl. Her name is Tseela. It’s spelled X-I-L-L-A, if you’re curious. That’ll be in your packet if you forget.”

“How do you know that it’s her name?”

“That’s what she’s been calling herself. You’ll see.” Ms Rosa got up from her chair. “I’ll go and fetch her. It’ll just take a little while.”

She left and had me wait by myself. Sure, give me more time to stress out. What if Xilla didn’t like me?

07-04-17_6-05-07 PM


Suddenly the door opened and Ms Rosa came in followed by the cutest little child.

I’ll describe her for you. Her skin is a pale purple and her eyes jet black. Her hair is a purplish-white color and it was tied back in pigtails with purple ribbons when I met her. One of the courthouse folks must have done that for her. (Lots of purple. I suddenly wondered if the purple bedroom set I have in my cabinet at the house would be overkill for her room…)  In some lighting her hair is a light blonde. Perhaps she has the ability to change it? I’m not sure.

We took a private car back to the house. Once in the gated neighborhood we were free to walk around as we pleased. They did give me a list of places we should avoid for now but Ms Rosa assured me we would have more freedom as time progressed.

Xilla stood in front of the house, eyeing it curiously.

07-04-17_6-22-40 PM


I decided to ask her what she wanted to do first. She looked at me curiously.

07-04-17_6-35-10 PM


I could tell she was trying to size me up.

07-04-17_6-36-59 PM


Eventually she let down her guard and raised her arms up in excitement.

“Biiii!” She shouted in her high musical voice. She came closer to me and raised her hands again. “Biiiiiiii!”

“Do you want me to pick you up?” She touched her finger to her chin and then came even closer than before.

“Bii!” I knelt down in front of her and she quickly scampered behind me and put her arms around my neck gently.

“Let’s go inside,” I said to her and stood up, stretching out my arms. “Zoooom!”

07-04-17_6-36-05 PM


As I zoomed us inside the house I wondered if I should be more sensitive about pretending to fly. I knew they had crashed here in their giant ship but…

(Photo from


Actually, it was probably not something she would connect to pretend zoomies. I was overthinking things…

Once inside I landed her on the couch and she sighed contentedly, plopping down on her behind. I sat beside her and she suddenly scooted to the edge of the couch and climbed nimbly down. Without a second thought she dashed to the other side of the couch where the building blocks were.

Now that she was occupied I got up to check on food supplies in the kitchen. I had enough there to make different meals for three days, at least. Plus I had milk so she would have something to drink.

From the the other room I heard the door to the bathroom open and close softly. Could she even use the toilet? As I pondered this I heard a knock at the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone…

It was Adam!

“Decided to stop by before I left! I wanted to meet the kiddo.”

07-04-17_6-41-40 PM


I smiled and shifted my eyes. How would Xilla react to a new person so soon? We were hardly acquainted as it was.

“She’s using the toilet, I think. Either that or she’s planning her escape through the toilet.” I laughed weakly; Adam humored me by laughing loudly. “She should be out in a minute. I’m going to start dinner. Watch her when she comes out, k?” he nodded and I went back to the kitchen and started boiling some water for mac and cheese.

Adam didn’t have to wait long because she came out a moment later and scuttled out the front door.

07-04-17_6-42-34 PM


Adam followed behind at a slow pace. I wouldn’t have mentioned this except it was slow enough to not catch her make a mess.

07-04-17_6-43-00 PM


They had a staring match.

07-04-17_6-43-05 PM


No harm done since it was outside. He laughed at her misbehavior and she laughed with him.

07-04-17_6-43-17 PM


When I finally joined them I felt bad that I had let her out of my sight. Adam told me there was nothing wrong with letting her walk around outside but he didn’t understand. He wasn’t in charge of her life. I was. Xilla let me pick her up and I carried her inside.

07-04-17_6-44-03 PM


As we walked I heard her stomach growl. That was good news because I had her dinner ready. At least I had done one thing correctly.

07-04-17_6-44-20 PM


Inside I put her down and watched her take her first bite of mac and cheese. I hoped she enjoyed it.

07-04-17_6-51-29 PM


I went into the kitchen to eat my own plate and invited Adam to join as well. We didn’t have a table to eat at so we stood. I told him my worries and Adam did his best to cheer me up. It was only our first day, after all.

07-04-17_6-51-37 PM


Once she finished eating I let her down and we watched her walk around. It was only around six but she went towards her bedroom.

07-04-17_6-53-22 PM


I went to heck on her after Adam left and she was curled up on her bed. I decided that I would let her catch a cat nap.

07-04-17_6-54-13 PM


While she did that I chose to try my hand at painting. I wasn’t allowed to go back to work so I had to do something with my time.

07-04-17_6-55-55 PM


After an hour or so Xilla came out and sat down at her blocks. She studied each side of each block and made approving or disappointed noises as she worked. I wondered what she was up to. She was otherwise very quiet and into her own thing.

07-04-17_6-57-23 PM


After what seemed like ages it came time for real bed time. I shepherded her towards her bedroom and helped her into a pj shirt. We sat down with a book on dinosaurs; I was nervous she wouldn’t like the book but she beamed at me and I felt a little better.

07-04-17_6-58-57 PM


It didn’t take long for her to fall asleep to my soft reading. She was cute no matter where she was sleeping.

07-04-17_6-59-17 PM


Well, that’s all I have to say for the day. She’s in bed and I need to go to bed also. Childcare can be exhausting.

07-04-17_7-07-15 PM


I’m happy that we’ll both be able to sleep off our first night together and start the new day…


Xilla ended up waking up in the middle of the night feeling refreshed. I rolled independent for her random trait so I guess that’s lucky of me since she works well on her own.

07-04-17_7-09-10 PM


She caused some minor mischief as Lili slept…

07-04-17_7-09-42 PM07-04-17_7-10-03 PM07-04-17_7-10-12 PM


Looks like someone is going to need a bath later…

07-04-17_7-10-57 PM


Little trouble maker…

07-04-17_7-11-34 PM


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AN: Sorry for the lateness! I was distracted by books and other game again. It happens! And you know sometimes if we’re not busy I get to write at work BUT we’ve been so busy that there’s been ZERO time. I’ve been working overtime to catch up and it sucks. I haven’t had the energy to do anything worthwhile. Ho hum. Hopefully I can perk myself up the next time I play and get screenies. I know it’s better to write RIGHT away so I don’t forget what I was going for. If only I had two screens…

Link to the collab thread (warning = there may be spoilers there!)


  1. I have heard about this challenge a week or two ago and decided to do some research on it. After finding the rules and reading them I started to look for others doing the challenge and found your story and fell in love with it.

    I have been tossing it around in my head if I should try my hand at this challenge because I already have 2 other challenges going but this story has made me really want to try it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much!

      I totally support multiple challenges! I’m an enabler, haha! I have been sitting on my hands to keep myself from starting another one before I even get going here! 😂 If you decide to join us please visit on the forums and share your story!!!


    1. I know! I’m wondering if, despite her naughtiness, this will be super easy since I’ve done the 8 toddler challenge. We’ll have to see!


  2. An independent little miss you’ve got there! She looks like she’s ready to rule the world. Adorably, of course. 😀 Hoping her self-reliant nature won’t cause Liliana too much upset over the next few days! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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