The Xilla Project: Little Rascal

I am going to post a whole slew of updates so I apologize if that’s irritating. There’s a pool party I want Xilla to attend so I guess I better get to work!


Unrelated to this post, but I was cleaning out my WP spam and one of the comments made me laugh:

I see your website needs some fresh posts. Writing manually takes a lot of time, but there is tool for this boring task.

I mean, I guess I agree, but how would I write not manually? Speech to text? Anyway… XD


Case Study Log of Infant 87 [I87]
Caregiver: Liliana Ikeda

Wrangling little Xilla hasn’t been so challenging… yet. Despite our rocky first day she was much more accommodating in the days following.

08-29-17_8-23-08 PM


Of course, I woke up on that second day to find pots, pans, water, flour, books, and assorted knick knacks all over the floors of the house. Xilla had been busy. There was no point in punishing her so long after it had happened so I just decided to maybe put better locks on the cabinets.

08-29-17_8-23-28 PM


I’m also wondering if I should put more advanced locks on the front and back door so she can’t leave the house in the middle of the night. I’m grateful she was inside and in bed when I woke up but I know she can get out because she’s done it a few times now. I always can bring her back in but I’d sleep better knowing she’s safe.

08-29-17_8-26-12 PM


We’ve sort of fallen into a routine which is nice. A little before bedtime she gets a snack or drink and we work on trying to understand each other. I might have to find a way to learn sign language or something because it can be rough. I know what I’m searching for tomorrow!

08-29-17_8-27-13 PM


After her snack we put on her pjs and I read her a book until she falls asleep. It never takes very long; I don’t think we’ve finished a book yet!

Oh! I also got her a little nightlight for her room. It’s a pink moon that projects little pink stars across the wall. Ms Rosa told me that some of the other parents have mentioned how much it calms down their children. It really has made Xilla happy. Sometimes she just claps her little hands in delight while watching the stars move and other times she just stares in awe.

08-29-17_8-42-17 PM


Once Xilla’s in bed I can finally get my entry for the day in. I admit it’s not always easy to write them down and I’ve missed some days. Luckily the instructions allow for just as many entries as deemed necessary, otherwise I can always squeeze everything into one.

08-29-17_8-30-32 PM


Well, that’s it for now. Until later…

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  1. LOL that spam comment. Not sure whether to roll my eyes or laugh. *does both* There. 😀

    What a cute little handful Xilia is! She’s definitely giving Liliana a run for her money, isn’t she? xD With the most entertaining results though. 😀

    Aww that little pink moon is super sweet! She looks so cozy and warm in her bed too with the nightlight on. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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