Murkland: Week 2

Megs visits Granite Falls and gets closer to Kengo ~eye wiggle~

Thanks for the warm welcome on my intro post! Megs presses forward…


By the time morning came ’round, Megs was starving.


How fortunate that she now could purchase bone fish!


Not sure if her stomach agrees with them much.


Too bad, Megs! This is your life now and Real Megs thinks you should be authentic and not cook burgers or eat marshmallows! Wah wahhh.

As it was Monday, Megs picked up Kengo on her way to the springs. They became best friends almost as soon as they got there. Awesome!


Megs had a rough idea of how she wanted the rest of the day to go. (Okay, I did.)


They stayed there all afternoon until sunset!


Once the sun had gone down they lit the bonfire.


Geez, you guys…


I’d say they had a good day.


It was Tuesday by the time Megs got back to her campsite (Kengo came with her, of course). In the early hours of the morning she gained her final three trash seedlings! Yessss!


I was relieved that she finally had enough plants. I was SO ready throw trash away when she woke up later that morning.


Also, she doesn’t actually have a phone (there’s no way!) but she did get this pop up:



She didn’t do much the rest of Tuesday (or, there was nothing to screen cap). I suspect she alternated trying to care for her plants and gathered stuff.

Oh, and of course the dude came over again.


Megs slept a good portion of the day and gathered. Pretty sure I got ZERO pics. These things happen!


Megs spent the next morning gardening again.



Then she did some yoga (“yog’d”, if you will).



After a mid-morning pee break she realized she reeked. It was too soon.



It was time to break out the one bottle of deodorizing cream she had in her pockets.

03-12-17_2-56-25?PM 03-12-17_2-56-33?PM


Now fresh and clean, I sent her to try fishing for the first time.



She caught her first fish right away!!



Aw, she was so excited she just HAD to share it with me!




Friday came and I soon heard the aspiration noise (you know, that sort of “pop”/”shing”/”whatever”) and went to see what had happened. Oh NO, she lost a friend! It was Veegan. Well, we had to get him back. Out into the world, Megs!

She brought all her almost-friends to hang out. I thought they could maybe have a dance party. They ate instead.



I guess I was being a little hard on Megs. She kept falling asleep.



AND those darn Ikedas were not accepting the friendship vibes Megs was sending their way.



After another pass out (or two), Megs went back home.



Since it was Friday I wanted to send Megs to the hot springs. When I wasn’t paying attention Megs went to grill some hot dogs. Before I could do anything she started a damn fire!



Not only was the grill on fire but she was, as well!



She quickly extinguished herself. (No clue where she got that fire extinguisher!)



Again with the annoyed look. You did this to yourself.



She autonomously went to do some yoga, I guess to make herself feel better?



No, girl, we’re going to the hot springs. She brought all her friends (she had lost contact with a couple of them again) and Kengo. They had a nice time.



Once they were cleaned up, Megs invited Kengo over for some “tent time”. However, as soon as they got there he said he had a “personal emergency”.

personal emergency


What! Weird. I’ve never seen that before…


Saturday morning started with yet ANOTHER text (I turned the phone on silent after this, lol). What’s weird is that Megs obviously doesn’t have a job.

no promotion lol


One day, Megs, I promise you’ll go to the Puffer Dome.

Right after that I decided to send Megs to Granite Falls. I set her up to start with two days; I knew I could always extend it if I needed to.

She arrived looking unsure (I think that’s her normal state).


I sent her through the forest to look for herbs, bugs, or whatever.


She found her first insect!




By the time she found the entrance to this strange and totally not obvious path to the hermit’s house she was far too uncomfortable to go through. Ugh. Great.

She passed the three hours by stargazing.



When she finally felt well enough to continue I sent her through the brambles…

03-12-17_8-10-56?PM 03-12-17_8-11-39?PM 03-12-17_8-11-47?PM 03-12-17_8-11-48?PM


Megs searched for a while before finding a cute little house with a dude outside.



Megs explained to him that she needed to learn herbalism (ha, I called it herbology at first – this isn’t Harry Potter!).



Regrettably we do not remember his name. He is not pleased by this.



Megs talked to him as long as she could stay awake. None of the plants were able to be harvested so she knew she would be camped out here for a while.

She found a nearby log bench and took up residence for her first evening in Granite Falls.






Sunday started with more napping. Things were not comfortable for Megs.



There were no bathrooms for her use sooooo she had to live in her own filth every time she had to pee. Gross.

Despite her discomfort she found time to schmooze with Hermit Man.

03-12-17_8-26-33?PM 03-12-17_8-27-31?PM 03-12-17_8-26-59?PM


Once she felt social-d out, she went to hunt for more plants.



I decided to have her try and identify some…



Yeah, gross, I know.



There was another nap somewhere in there…



That night Megs was able to harvest a plant or two from the Hermit’s garden.



And she found out he’s a part time nudist.

03-12-17_9-04-02?PM 03-12-17_8-14-37?PM



We decided to extend the trip one more day. Megs had really learned a lot.

She learned enough about herbalism to make the coveted deodorizer cream.

She learned that she probably could have used the Hermit’s bathroom to pee after all.

She learned that even in Granite Falls she’s still prone to catching fire.



Megs was learned out.

03-12-17_9-17-32?PM 03-12-17_9-17-38?PM





She decided that it was time to go home.



Thanks for a great trip, Granite Falls!


the first thing she did when Megs got back was to sleep in her tent. Ah, tent sweet tent. After that she went over to the raccoon’s place. She had a really great time talking to them.


However, I was starting to wonder if Megs had the secret Sims 2 pyro trait.


At least she was there to save the day.


After her visit it was late and in the wee hours of Wednesday morning so she headed over to the hot springs to clean up and then head back to camp. It had been a rough week!


Well, that was week two (and a half)! What shenanigans will Megs get into this next week? On my list for her I think I’m going to try in earnest to keep those plants fertilized with fish and trash fruit and hope that quality raises quickly. It’s hard to tend plants when Megs is uncomfortable!

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Note: If you’d be so kind as to visit the gallery for this entry I’d appreciate it. I have a link to the postimage website in my website footer but I wanted to especially ask this time since I used so many screenshots. I would use the html linking back to each image but I find that the code clutters things up while I’m trying to edit my entries.
Anyway, I appreciate it! ❤


  1. Loved your new chapter. I get those text pop ups too all even though they do not have a job. The weirdest thing is when Jaxton my teen orphan gets a wish to woohoo in the bush and there is no woohoo option for teens in the game!?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Now it’s especially easy to maintain friends since I bought her the friendly trait so she can hang out whomever she wishes! XD

      Also, he’s a new flame – I’m sure it’ll die down from now on, LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I laughed at your nude hermit. He must have heard through the grapevine that Megs spends a lot of time cruising around in a bikini. Leave it to Bad Megs to never do that “omg, I’m so shocked he’s nude” gesture.
    Thank you for sharing about the hermit’s toilet facilities.

    Awwww, Megs and Kengo are going to die down? 😦 She is Bad Megs! Gets the dude all fired up then throws a bucket of cold water on him, haha.
    How odd that your own Ikedas wouldn’t warm up to Megs. What’s their problem!? o.O

    Looking forward to your next update!

    Liked by 1 person

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