A Murky Intro

Obsession, thy name is Murkland.

Last month I became aware of this new apocalyptic world Brennachan was concocting and just a couple weeks ago I decided to give it a shot! It’s called Murkland (the sister city is Nukecrest). There’s no time limit to complete your goals (no aging, yes!), a huge set of rules, and more challenges coming in the future. From the Murkland thread:

What was once Oasis Springs is now Murkland, a post-apocalyptic world where there is very little access to food or water. Most Murklanders grow trash plants to survive, or rummage through old trash cans looking for something edible.

There are zombies, and mutant raccoons and simmers living in tents, bunkers and abandoned buildings.

You are a simmer living in a tent…

This is a pretty long entry so take your bathroom break now and then tuck in for a whole week of Murkland living.

Originally I thought I’d use the Amazing Aya but decided to follow the rules and make my simself (Aya moved in with her “cousins” anyway).

Side note: Making evil clones is FUNNY.

clones are funny


Updated Megs has the traits of cheerful, childish, and glutton (required to rummage for trash). She also looks like she should be called Bad Megs.

Real Megs would never wear that outfit (unless she was cosplaying, ha!)

One of the goals of this challenge is to complete the “Friend of the World” aspiration. I am not great at keeping friendships going in this game (or any iteration of the Sims) so I decided to just wing it and hope for the best.


Megs plopped down into her lot and waited.


It did not take long for people to start walking by. Megs crossed the street to talk to this sad guy, Kengo. I don’t know why he was sad; I chose to believe it was because of the Mudder passing by.


Megs must have said something smart-assy about him.


He suddenly came rushing back over and went off!


It was uncomfortable for everyone, let’s be real.


After that scenario, Megs let the Mudder and Sad Kengo continue on their ways and went back to her camp. She had a welcoming committee waiting! They brought her fruitcake (I’m sure it pre-dated the apocalypse) and she gratefully ate it up.


Once they had all been introduced Megs decided to impress them with her storytelling abilities.


They were obviously enthralled.


The reward for completing this welcome wagon was the friendship of three of them. AWESOME. Just… 9 more friends to make. Hm.

The next goal I was set to work on was growing 16 trash plants from trash piles. In my legacy saves they always just seemed to appear and I HATED them. In this save I was waiting very impatiently for them to sprout. The lack of fun things to do on this lot meant that visitors (and Megs, herself) were very aware of the dirty surroundings and they just HAD TO CLEAN. Megs had to fend them off with sticks!


She worked hard for those five piles of trash (would have been seven if she hadn’t combined by mistake, ugh!).

She earned her first sleep in her tent.


She was fortunate enough to rest but I had to hold vigil on our trash piles lest someone clean them up uninvited. (Those vampires are so thoughtful rude!)


Day one had left Megs very stinky. Digging up plants, rocks, and stuff will do that to ya.


One of the numerous rules for living in Murkland is the water supply. There’s not a lot here so it must be rationed! You are allowed to visit the hot springs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you own a portable shower (obtained by fishing!) you may only briskly shower on those days (Megs isn’t there yet).


I decided to have her wait as long as possible before going to the hot springs (that and I sort of forgot what day it was, haha) so after a morning of digging Megs went back to camp to cook up some hot dogs (or something).

Fire is not very friendly.

Well, yeah, you should be in pain, idiot.

She finally got the fire lit (somehow) and roasted herself some magic hot dogs.


Okay, they’re not magic. The cooler on the lot is provided and stocked by the Murkland Mercantile. If you pay your bills you’re allowed to keep it and eat the magic food.


Despite her delicious hot dog, Megs is still very uncomfortable.


She screamed up towards the heavens.

Guess I’m the heavens.

Aw, poor thing. It was time to visit the hot springs.


I saw that things can get boring on your own so Megs asked all her friends to join her for a soak.

She should really look more pleased than she does.

Megs lit a fire, this time without incident.


Then into the springs she went! She tried to invite everyone in but only two people at a time could get in. Sims apparently aren’t smart enough to move over on their own.


It took FOREVER to get clean. It took so long she almost wet herself (then we’d have to start from scratch – ugh).


After she did her business, she attempted to befriend Kengo. He was the first person she met in this world and she hoped he would be her fourth friend. Bad Megs also totally likes him.


Megs invited the whole crew back to her camp for some campfire stories. Look at them recoil in FEAR! (Side note: Veegan became her fourth friend – Kengo wasn’t quite there yet.)


…After that – bed!


Tuesday went by quickly. Megs slept in a bit and woke up stinky AGAIN. There’s almost no point. How is she so gross? We super need that deodorizing cream…


We really needed to pass the time so Megs did some cloud watching. I was REALLY impatient for those trash plants. She also needed to sell things at her yard sale and I didn’t want people stealing her trash while they browsed!


I’m crabby about it but at least she’s not. You’re way too cheerful, girl.


BUT WAIT – WHAT’S THIS? Trash seedlings!!!



Megs doesn’t look it but she’s pleased about this, too. I made her pose next to her first baby.


After that she had a few visitors. The two on the left are vampires, then you have Barb and that sharp dressed guy was a townie. I can’t remember his name but he must not be from around here. (His suit isn’t going to last long here…)


Megs really needed another bath so she went to bed, looking forward to Wednesday when she could bathe again…


BATH DAY! Who knew I’d be so excited about something like that?

Megs brought her pal Kengo so she’d have some time to chat him up.


After a morning and afternoon of bathing (geez, takes forever!) Megs and Kengo went back to her camp and played Don’t Wake the Llama. (Honest question: is that its name? I forget because my sims never play it.)


Megs lost because she was distracted by someone trying to steal her trash…


The trash plants produced their first fruits on Thursday.


This put Megs in a great mood!


She even met a few more passerbys: Mad Max Mudder and Jim!


After meeting them she decided to visit a new lot and give her trash time to relax without threat of theft. She brought a handful of friends and almost-friends with hopes she would make another friend.

While there she decided to try bubble blowing for the first time.


When she was done they all cheered for her, haha!


Real Megs would not be so bold as to try a real hookah. She’d also not walk around the world in a bikini!

I don’t think she gained any new friends from that gathering but on her way home she picked up a bunch of gems and plants.


She also earned a cool achievement! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this one before.


When she got home I realized she had forgotten to do something: eat a trash fruit!

Megs wasn’t sure.


Looks like she was right to be a little grossed out…


Late that night the vampire gal came over to bother her.


She was scaring Megs a bit…


Megs decided to remove herself from the situation and make another trash pile. Immediately after dropping it she got offended. MEGS. You put it there yourself! Honestly…


It was late when Megs went to bed but what did it matter – time is only a social construct…


Megs got to sleep for only a small amount time because of another potential trash thief. She went straight to the hot springs by herself and got naked. She’s modest, though (I think).


She was giving me a hell of a time, though, because she kept getting out due to exhaustion.


Why couldn’t you just nap in the spring?!

OH, I had left the radio on. Well, we can solve that! She turned it off and got back in.

That did the trick! AND we learned the added benefit of napping while washing. Hygiene goes up really quick! Sweet!


After she was all clean and in the green she went to visit the Freegans. There she met Brennachan (edit: is that her? I haven’t learned all their faces yet!) and evolved some of their trash plants for them.


Then she went onto the roof to learn the wellness skill. Nice!


I felt adventurous so next she went to check out what was left of the gym. Everyone seemed to be feelin’ the burn of radiation!


The first thing Megs saw was a box! Obviously she had to explore.


She found a neat snow globe! Oh, and there was Kengo!


They took a weird picture together (even though he shouldn’t have a phone – DUDE!)


Megs met some more people. This place was jumping!


She even attempted to train a bit. Don helped.


Then Megs tried to shoot some hoops. She actually wasn’t bad! I think she sunk 6 baskets in a row!

After this ragtag group finished their “game” (I don’t know if I’d call it that…) Meg decided to head over to the hot springs again to wash up. Why not!

When she got there, though, she was hungry.


She considered cooking something real fast. I think she may have grabbed some granola.


And, of course she was tired, too. Perfect time for another nap soak!


She probably stayed there the rest of the day. I don’t remember. Things were starting to blur together.

Oh, and she got her notice to pay her bills. It was a bit high so I decided to wait as long as possible…


Another day, another filthy mess. She probably gardened and collected. That’s what she does in her “free time”.


She also got her 24 hour notice for bills. This was now a little worrisome because she still had ZERO simoleons in the bank. We needed to have a yard sale.


Sunday came and I sent Megs to what’s left of the gym to finally have the promised yard sale!

Her bill was $1,630 or something OUTRAGEOUS. I had no idea it would be so high! She looks a little apprehensive here, don’t you think?


Flowers and veggies weren’t very popular. She sold one for $10. She switched out her wares.


This wasn’t much better. I paused to see what I could do and decided that she would sell some things from her inventory and hope we didn’t break any rules. (Found out today that it’s fine! PHEW!) She made plenty just by selling all her produce (not strawberries or trash fruit) and some time capsules. She had plenty.

Back at home she went straight to her mailbox and paid her bill!


She had some left over so she decided to buy a violin and also get her first bone fish!


He’s a cutie pie. Too bad she’ll have to eat him.

OH, and I realized why the bills were so high! She had duplicates of all the lot items in her inventory!!! I sold them all and deducted the price so she wouldn’t have an advantage… Darn.


Anyway, that was Megs’ first week in Murkland. Things are going pretty well for her. Let’s hope she can keep it up!


Note: If you’d be so kind as to visit the gallery for this entry I’d appreciate it. (THERE ARE SPOILERS THERE, AH!) I have a link to the postimage website in my website footer but I wanted to especially ask this time since I used so many screenshots. I would use the html linking back to each image but I find that the code clutters things up while I’m trying to edit my entries. Anyway, I appreciate it! ❤


  1. Whoa dark!Megs! She’s such a confident babe it’s amazing.

    You find the most fun challenges to try out! The world looks very interesting and the gameplay so different from what we’re normally used to.

    Loved reading it and looking forward to more updates! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Excellent first week! You stayed clean(ish) and even paid your bills! Wonder why you had dupes in the inventory…Sometimes I swear the game tries to make us fail things. I am looking forward to starting myself, but even with a headstart blank Oasis springs, it is taking forever to set up.

    Hope to see you in Murkland soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know, I think that Megs might have accidentally kept all the belongings from the lot she was originally on with the Ikedas SO that would be why. However, the third time she got bills it was the same as the first! Weird.

      Also! I don’t know if you’re going to use mods or not but I’m going vanilla for this save (for now, at least) and it was pretty quick and easy to delete and place all the lots.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This was hilarious! All of the strikethroughs had me laughing. Bad Meggs is so cool. It was funny about her in the bathing suit because I’d just thought wow she’s been in her bathing suit a lot and then you mentioned it. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s cuz she sleeps in a tent. I usually just click mine and change outfit once it starts annoying me. I didn’t know about the sleeping in the hot springs though, that’s cool.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I love that your simself is Bad Meggs, lol. She’s really am expressive sim; that, and you seem to take shots of her at the perfect moments. What a brilliant idea to visit another part of the neighborhood so your trash plants could grow without being under constant attack. Oh and napping in the hot tub. *takes notes

    And on a non-murky note, I love the way you’ve set up your blog.

    Liked by 1 person

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