8 Toddlers – Birthday Party!


Today we are FINALLY at the end of this 8 toddler challenge! trumpet noises

A quick note: I found a mod Sunday but forgot to include it initially in the last post BUT it makes nightmares less frequent. MAGIC.

Megs started the final day by napping a bit. She knew this was going to be a busy day. Oh, Megs, you don’t even know…



We made sure that the kids were mostly sleeping before Megs made a couple cakes (she made two just in case someone snuck a slice).




Megs also was VERY tired so she splurged and bought herself a sleep potion! YeeeeAAAH!



Once she perked herself up she invited all the regulars and THEN some!

Eliza finally got her invite but she didn’t seem excited about it. She should feel grateful! This other gal was our maid, Hajar! She looks much happier than we’ve seen her before. Her party outfit is… eccentric!



Joaquin joined us and matched the windows behind him.



Mariah was pleased to be invited – she was always nice when she came over before!



Eva dressed to the nines for our party, too. Maybe I should have been more clear about dress on the invite…



Aaaaand Fanny Pack came in normal clothes! I think he’s checking out Mariah? Maybe he can pursue this in Fanny Pack Fables! XD



Sergio showed up in his usual angry way. What if he doesn’t like Joaquin? Do I need to stage an intervention?! That’s not what this party is about!!!



ANYWAY, Megs moved outside to place the first cake! You might notice the shadow – I built a roof to cover the deck! This was to protect our vampire guests if they chose to cheer on the birthday kids!



Good thing I did because they showed up right after another! I was right about our vomit-pire. I also found out his name is Omar. Vlad showed up in smoke, as usual.


The next few minutes had a lot suddenly happen so bear with me, lol…

There were a lot of guests dancing outside and they were having a grand time. Vlad was one of them. I was like, “DUDE, go inside, please!” I sent Megs to go and talk to him so she could bring him inside.



At the same time the stereo suddenly broke. I saw Schell outside before and assumed he was going to fix it.

I went to check on Vlad again and Megs was not moving very fast. THEN I noticed that Schell was nowhere to be found!

I looked upstairs and we suddenly had a new butler!!! (Her name was Ericka Maeda – maybe she’s related to ninjapigsim’s nanny, Maki!)



I panicked because I LOVE SCHELL. Thankfully he was still in Megs’ relationship panel but he was missing from the lot and she couldn’t invite him over. PSH. Whatever. FINE. I guess we’ll worry about that later… Sad face.

Back outside I checked on Vlad but… OH NO.



VLAD. DUDE. You’re the vampire MASTER. You’re the one that warns vampires about not going outside! WHAT A DOOFUS.



There was a lot of crying.




Megs’ face was especially funny, though. It’s like, “****. This is not how this party was supposed to go.”



At least Omar wised up and stayed inside like a smart vampire.



…Until he came outside.

I knew we would probably have another death on her hands so Megs just told him to leave.



Our stereo remained broken. New Schell was not doing a great job.



That death really cut into our party time. I had only a couple hours to age up all eight babes.


I made some crappy MS Paint cut/pastes but they do the trick fine enough. We’ll go along the relationship panel.

First up was Coty Caliente! He had a tiny bit of red with Aya, Omar, and Bob.


He was one of two babes that earned an extra trait! (You can see who the other was. I’m not gonna screenshot the same thing twice!) ALTHOUGH, looking at his skill chart he didn’t get 3 in all skills… That’s weird but I KNOW that he has this trait. Maybe that’s the wrong kid’s list, LOL.



Next was Aya Ikeda! She wins the award for the most semi-high green bars, lol. She made great progress with Luca, Ryu, and Nina.



Next was Lori Light (normally with a hat, without for her birthday, haha). Looks like she got to meet Grimmy! >_> Lori tied with Ryu for most townies met at six! She may be the real winner, though, as you’ll see later.



Next was Luca Kalani! He didn’t talk to the townies as much as the others and only met Vlad. Bob doesn’t really count since he was only our welcome wagon and we never saw him again. He wins the award for least social outside of the house, lol.



Next was Briella Misra! I’m pretty pleased with her traits – it’s a shame that none of the kids had level 3 in thinking – something for me to think about in the future!


She was the other recipient of the Happy Toddler trait. You’ll notice that neither kid had 3 in all skills, huh. (What’s up, Gurus?)



Next was Greg Lawrence! Greg was the only kid to get 5 levels in two skills! Way to go, Greg!!!



Next was Nina Lawrence! She was the only kid to have a red bar with Megs. I’ll never know what the problem was, lol. I think they may have had a disagreement early on and didn’t repair it. Nina did a little better than Luca as she met and spoke to Mariah at some point.



Finally, we had Ryu Ikeda! He was a filthy mess despite having a full hygiene bar, loooool. As mentioned above, Ryu tied with Lori for most townies met at six. He technically had an advantage as he was in a household with Takeo before I aged him down. Somehow he managed a red relationship with Schell, though, so that takes skill. He was the only one to have red with Schell. He has the most red overall, too. Schell, Omar, and Bob. Eesh, kid.



Here’s a final look at Meg’s relationship panel with the kids. Looks like Greg and Luca are pretty close as far as high(-ish) bars go.



Aaaaaand with that… we’re done!


Well, sort of.

I have one more day planned with them so we’ll get to see all the kids (at least) one last time before I close the book on this challenge. We’re going to visit the kindergarten again!

Also, I said “at least” because I may explore Fanny Pack’s origins and secret life and OF COURSE he’ll want to hang out with all his kid friends!

And, I mean, they seem to be a magical kid squad with their floating and such… (Eva is not sure about them, to be honest.)




Makes me think of Harry Potter.

Image result for expect great things gif



ANYWAY, thanks for hanging out with me as I did this challenge!

Please check back soon for a kiddo update and more about Fanny Pack’s life. 😀

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  1. When you announced on Twitter that someone died at the party I thought it would be the other vampire not Vlad! Ohmygosh! I laughed so hard, especially at the video. It was so funny at the end when one of the toddlers laid down on the ground in front of the crowd and fell asleep! I wonder what happened to Schell? Odd. So you’re going to write about Fanny Pack next?

    Liked by 2 people

  2. (I thought I had posted a comment but I didn’t! Sorry, D: )

    Hajar is one fabulous lady. I also really love Eva’s outfit! And yay for a potential love interest for Fanny Pack! 😀

    Oh gosh what a party. xD I know I should feel sorry for Vlad (and everyone else who had to witness that), but he’s just so mean that I can’t feel too badly for him. :/

    Also yay for a relative for Maki! Ericka does need to step up her butler game though. :/

    Congratulations on completing the challenge, and doing it so well too! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey there! I obviously found this story very late, but it was an awesome read. I cracked up so many times. Love your sense of humor. I never thought I’d see Vlad burst into flames — too funny! I’m so glad you were able to include it on video. Good stuff.

    Congrats on completing the challenge — 8 toddlers is a LOT! I completed @EuphorialQueen’s Toddler Mania Challenge and had my hands full with 6 toddlers and a pair of parents. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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