8 Toddlers – What?! (The House)

You heard correctly…

This is my attempt at the 7 toddler challenge BUT with 8 instead (to take advantage of all 8 toddler traits). I got my rules from here but I’m not going to turn off autonomy, heck. no.

I’ll see how many updates this will take even though I’d sort of like to make it a one-shot and add it to my “completed” file.

There will be a post for the house house, kiddos, and then start the challenge. I’m just delaying the inevitable, haha!

Let’s start by looking at the house. You can find it on the gallery, too. If in game, search for #8toddlerchallenge (no CC! GASP!) or find it under my origin ID meggles87.



The backyard has four zones: deck, castle, puppets, and zen garden, looool. I only added the zen garden because I thought it was funny. You’ll see later the same “humor” in the adult resting space.



You can see them a little closer in the following slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Moving to the inside I went with an open-ish floor plan so there wouldn’t be any pesky doors in the way. We don’t want those.

Here’s the biggest open area! It includes a kitchen and family/play room. I haven’t ever used the bubble wall so I hope it makes the room more fun. (If you look carefully in the center of the pic you can see a door – that goes to the upstairs and it will be LOCKED.)



There’s a bathroom hiding by the kitchen area. The potties must be accessible so they’re stuck in the corner with the bookshelf. I’m calling it the reading/potty nook.


Looking the other direction shows us the play area and sleeping zone. Since uploading to the gallery and taking these pics I have added a small stereo by the toy chest  for dance parties (there’s another outside, too).



The sleeping zone has all eight colors of car beds and five or six nightlights (just in case). The wallpaper reminded me of stars and seemed appropriate for sleeping.



Moving along… The upstairs is an adult only zone but I suspect they won’t get to use it much. There’s a computer, a meditation stool (because I thought it was funny given the circumstances), and a comfy chair to sit in.


I think the overlook from that balcony is pretty cool, not gonna lie.



Anyway, that’s the house! To repeat myself I’ll just paste the info from above if you’ve changed your mind about downloading, haha! You can find it on the gallery. If in game, search for #8toddlerchallenge (no CC! GASP!) or find it under my origin ID meggles87.

next: meet the kiddos



  1. Megs! What a gorgeous, colourful and vibrant house! So perfect for your eight toddlers. 🙂

    (For the record, if I was a toddler I’d sign up for your daycare right away! Well, more like throw a tantrum until my parents sign me up, but you get the gist. 😀 )

    Liked by 1 person

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