Build Newcrest: Chapter 3.13

Don’t be shocked or anything but guess who’s pregnant again?


Obviously we were planning on having a second kid. I don’t think anyone in our family has ever been content with just one. Well, maybe one of the offshoots but no one in the direct line, you know? Maybe one day one of us will break free from the mold. Won’t be for a while, I suspect.

In other news we decided one weekend to do something unusual for us: go out! Yuko was in the mood to do karaoke and we decided to bring the aunts and girl cousins out for an evening.


Admittedly we did not last long. I was nine months pregnant and tired as heck (have I mentioned I’m crazy?). The rest of them were tired from work or school. We’re a bunch of busy women!

When it came time for karaoke, though, Yuko and I killed it! It was like our energy was back in full force!



Once we got home I went straight to bed… and woke up three hours later when my water broke. Naturally, Tyler panicked. Bless him.


He had every right to panic, though, since I delivered twin girls. (You would think the medical community would be able to check for twins. WHAT YEAR IS IT?!) We named them Kyoko and Maeko. They’re quiet babies but something tells me we’re going to have our hands full… It’s been some time since we had twins in this house. As you know, my dad and uncle Eddie were twins. (Yeah, Seiji has the quads but, shhh, they never lived here!)

Speaking of uncle Eddie… He passed away several years ago. I bring this up because, well…


Both mom and dad left us on the same day.



Frankie told me later that dad had been using the elf magic so he could get to know Roka a little better before he passed away. Dad knew it was wrong but he couldn’t bear to leave us so soon. And then when he found out I was pregnant he decided to wait until the babies were born so he could see them; Mom, too. Then of course they didn’t want to leave Yuko, either… It was all planned out.

I guess we truly are on our own now…

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AN: I realized that I had cheated a while back to keep August alive for the wedding but forgot to turn his aging back on. WHOOPS. At that point it was so close to the babies being born that I had to save Amira as well.

THEN I didn’t take many pictures of the babies and aged them up to kids followed by not having a chance to play until we got toddlers. So things are messed up. I’ll get there. I have one more planned “thing” I need to try and screenshot and then it’s smooth sailing (ha!)


  1. Girls’ night out YEAH! 🙂 I love Yuko so much! Her sense of fashion is amazing.

    Aww twin girls! Love their names! ❤

    The end of an era. 😦 Rest in peace, August and Amira! (They had an awesome life though, got to admit!)

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    1. Yuko might make an appearance in a chapter or two. She started an offshoot as a pen pal but I couldn’t keep up so I might repurpose her entry and the unposted draft as a chapter from her POV. 👍

      Liked by 1 person

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