8 Toddlers – What?! (The Kiddos)

Meet the terrors kiddos…

This is my attempt at the 7 toddler challenge BUT with 8 instead (to take advantage of all 8 toddler traits).

Before we meet the terrors let’s meet Megs again.

She’s a young adult in this version, she still has all her skills and traits she’s earned, and she is still bugged to think she’s a loner (but she’s always happy when she thinks she’s alone – no downside here!) Her current traits are music lover, geek, and cheerful.
As you can see, she’s smirking because she doesn’t know what’s about to happen to her.

01-28-17_2-55-54 PM.png


Let’s continue in order of creation. Back when Sims 4 first came out I made a few households with the early release of CAS. A couple of them were the Lawrence siblings, Nina and Gregory. They’re both in my neighborhood rotation and have families of their own. Here, though, they’re part of my terror squad. Nina has the independent trait and Greg has silly.


Next we have Ryu Ikeda, heir number 4 in my legacy. I picked him out of all the other Ikeda heirs because he had the cutest little chubby face. He’s my wild child.

01-28-17_3-37-35 PM.png


Next is the illustrious and immortal Aya Ikeda. I refuse to have her die in any of my games so if she’s taken away I may have to restart or stop this challenge. It could push me over the edge… I joke but… seriously. Anyway, she is well traveled in her adult and elder lives but here’s her first try as a precocious brat. Her trait is charmer because I love her so much.

01-28-17_3-11-24 PM.png


Coty Caliente is next. He was born into one of my saves – I can’t remember which – and was very good looking considering who his mother was. I don’t want to be rude but Nina Caliente has not produced nice looking children in my games, lol… Coty was an exception. His father was a townie named Callen Landry. He’ll be our fussy boy.

01-28-17_3-13-17 PM.png


Next is Lori Light. I made her for fun one day after work because I took a call from a woman with that name (the other name I was inspired by was Rosie Day but I haven’t created her yet). Lori was also uploaded with the #boredomcutie tag. Her trait will be angelic.

01-28-17_3-20-12 PM.png


For our final two tots we have Luca Kalani and Briella Misra. Ojenn put out a call for sims for her rebuilding worlds challenge and I went to work! I created Luca genetically from Mitchel Kalani and Siobhan Fyres. Briella was created by me in CAS. They’re also in my rotation but I haven’t played them yet. As for this world, Luca will be clingy and Briella will be inquisitive.


Let’s not forget the two people that will be helping us out…

This is our nanny, Jared Pack. (Heh… he said his name was Nanny Pack… Nanny… Fanny… Fanny Pack. YES.) He said he’s excited to work with us but I have my doubts. At least he wore a matching color.



And here’s our butler, Schell! I won’t call him Shelly but… I secretly want to. He looks trusty and I like him already (much more than Nanny Pack… shh, don’t tell him).

01-28-17_3-45-13 PM.png


There you have it! I have to tell y’all something, though. I just looked at the kid’s life bars and about half of them are sparkling. Does that mean I have to turn off aging? Should I put MC back in and make it so they won’t age and at least one other will? UGH. I think I may have to do this. Bummer. Either that or keep track of the days, lol. Who has time for that? Whatever I choose I’ll let you know.

Well, here I go. Wish me luck!

So, downloading (if you’re into that). Since there are 8 kids you can find them all as adults on the gallery.  If in game, find it under my origin ID: meggles87. See below for what they look like on the gallery. Note: Ryu’s household has CC and I am not going to upload him separately at this time. When I’m done with the challenge (or at the very end) I’ll see about putting them all together in a couple households with the other caregivers.

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