8 Toddlers – What?! (We Begin…)

It starts.

This is my attempt at the 7 toddler challenge BUT with 8 instead (to take advantage of all 8 toddler traits).

So far things are OK. All kids are inside, doors are locked. I realized I had to let Fanny Nanny Pack in but otherwise things are good! Once I felt things were better settled I decided to work on those potty skills! Best way to avoid an accident is to cut it off at the chase! Luca, Briella, and Ryu were the first to need help. Luca went to ask Fanny Nanny Pack for help and Megs brought Briella over.


I noticed each kid had a pic of Schell crossed out in their bubbles and discovered that they didn’t want him in the room while they were using the potty! This was problematic because Ryu was trying to get Schell to help him, too. They kept getting interrupted!



When I went back to check on them Schell was standing awkwardly on the porch and Ryu couldn’t reach him to ask for help. I guess Schell will not be able to help with potty time. Oh well.

(Note: I ended up moving the bathroom around a bit and put two in and two out. That should solve this particular problem.)

The next one that needed help was Aya. Megs went to talk to her and Fanny Pack (I can’t help it!) went to get Ryu (finally).



Whatever Megs was telling Aya she seemed intrigued by it!



Once I had them both down on their potties I realized I had quite the opportunity for a commemorative photo! Ryu is Aya’s grandpa, didn’t you know?! (Their connection is his daughter and her mother, Michiru. They were some of my favorites, ah…)



At this point, Schell seemed to have disappeared. I found him upstairs playing Sims Forever. Dude. In his defense there isn’t anything to clean yet, but…



He came downstairs on his own, thankfully. Also, he really should have used the bathroom before he came down but what can you do? (Turns out the toilet was somehow obstructed by the hanging light, oh dear. Fixed it.)



Megs asked him to cook them all a group meal while she finished up one of Fanny Pack’s discarded meals-in-progress.

While Schell was cooking, Greg seemed interested in the contents of the cabinets just underfoot.



…that and he was just being troublesome. Unrelated, Megs doesn’t look so sure about Schell’s knife work with kids in the house. I honestly don’t blame her.



I directed all the kids to grab a plate of whatever suited their fancy (they had faux BLTs, fruit salad, and grilled cheese) and everyone sat and talked while they ate.

Just as Megs sat down to eat someone knocked on the door. It was Joaquin visiting all the way from Windenburg. We had dismissed the welcome wagon earlier but since this was just one guy this time I thought it would be fine to let him in.



It was coming up on 9 PM and I knew I should start putting the brats to bed. Off they went. Fanny Pack conveniently decided his time was up at that time and Megs and Joaquin were left by themselves. Well, until the kids started waking up. Joaquin turned on the TV to watch a movie and half of them woke up. I sent them back to bed. This happened a couple times before I removed the TV.

By this time it was 10 PM and someone was knocking on the door. It was Vampire Whats-His-Name. Is it Vlad? I guess so. I shouldn’t have let him in but I was feeling social.



While the adults chatted in the other room, Coty was waking up from a nightmare and crying. He woke up EVERYONE. I sent all the others to bed but he was wide awake and afraid to go back to bed. Just after this Ryu also had a nightmare. Since it would be at least two hours before the moodlet went away I decided to have them entertain each other.



When Coty was clear I put him to bed and had Ryu go outside to cry in peace. That got his moodlet cleared and he, too, went to bed.

With all eight kids in bed by 12:15 AM I sent Megs to bed as well. Ahhh, finally peace and quiet.


Day 1 complete! \o/

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        1. I have a couple mods that allow for 20 or 25 sims. It’s crazy and I don’t recommend it for too many extra for for a few it’s great! You just can’t go into CAS or you lose them.

          Liked by 1 person

  1. Wow! You got to sleep!! I’m impressed. That’s more than poor Guppy got to do with his toddlers. This is such a fun, and quick challenge. 🙂 I had a similar issue with aging bars…but luckily I had some sims who were ‘pure’ to let me keep track. What did you decide to do?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! I wonder if I micromanage too much and that’s why things went so well, haha! I ended up turning off aging. Since I’m going to post day to day I think it would be safe to judge that way. I’ll just have to decide which day to age them up on. Would it be day 7 or day 8? Gotta count that sparkle on day 0, haha!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know! I micromanged a bunch – but I didn’t have the butler/nanny to aid Guppy. I didn’t think to give myself one! I only had a maid who cleaned and not on the weekends. That being said we did survive it.

        Counting makes sense. At least you saw the problem right away! I had my toddlers age up when their bars were sparkling on the 8th day. But I just randomly picked a time to do it. Noon seemed a logical time for a party.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh yah, the butler and nanny made it so much easier. She wouldn’t have gotten to sleep at all, haha!

          Oh yah, forgot I should throw a party. We’ll invite everyone that comes to visit, lol.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow you’re off to a great start! I find the fact that the toddlers wake everyone in the house until someone comes and puts them back to bed very annoying.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I saw! It was so funny I was about to hit the back button when it popped up saying one new.
        I normally play the drifter challenge so the toddlers are uncontrollable and I can’t cancel it out. It’s very annoying.

        Liked by 1 person

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