Build Newcrest: Chapter 3.12

Flash forward seven or so years…

(AN: PLEASE bear with me through this update. I have sooo many backlogged pics and I just want to get them out of the way so I can get to new gameplay with toddlers, haha! It’s a bit jumbled but now I’m feeling inspired…)

Hey guys – Kazue speaking! So much has happened since we last spoke. It’s been a loooong while but we’ve had a lot going on in that time. SO MUCH.

For starters, Seiji and Sophie married.

They sort of felt it necessary due to the surprise they received: Sophie was expecting multiples. Not just twins, mind you, but quadruplets. It’s truly unbelievable. (AN: Like, it shouldn’t have happened – damn mods!) Two girls and two boys.

They’re doing OK as a couple but they have huge arguments from time to time. Seiji can be a little too relaxed so it’s tough for Sophie. Sometimes they fight about Seiji’s past, too. I don’t think that’s fair, necessarily. He’s been faithful to Sophie since she moved in. He knows we’d kick his ass if he wasn’t…

(AN: Speaking of-hey, who is that child?!)

Now that their kids are all in school it’s gotten a little easier for them but when they were toddlers it was a hell of a time. Sophie was constantly at our house and the two of us (plus my mother) had somewhat of a daycare with my own kid, too.


He was such a cute baby…

Yep, you heard correctly. We don’t wait around for things in this family so all this happened within a year of each other. Gen 13 of this crazy branch of the family started with little Roka.

He’s doing nicely in school. Tyler and I are trying our hardest not to spoil him but it’s harder than you’d think. Watch, we’ll end up having the reverse effect or something. He and my dad are really close, too. It’s good for both of them I think.

OH, back to business – my dad was finally able to check all the boxes on his mayoral checklist in one swoop and that was it! The torch was OFFICIALLY passed with Seiji’s four kids. Now it’s up to me to start the next chapter for this neighborhood.

The library was already going to be fantastic but with the way my career is now it’s bound to be even better. I’m doing exceptionally well. Book sales are through the roof, I have two movies in production, and the library is already under construction.

Despite the odds, my dad is still with us. He and mom are both so much older now. It’s a wonder that he’s carried on as long as he has.

I was starting to wonder if maybe Frankie gave him some of that magical elven drought that’s made it so he never ages. That’s crazy thinking, though…

Tyler, my sweet husband, continues to be a quiet but important part of our household.

See him out in the yard?

He keeps track of my appointments day to day and tends to the garden in his downtime. He also helps Roka with his homework, chess practice, and whatever else we need done around the house.

As for my little sister, Yuko, she’s still at home. She’s almost done with high school!

There’s talk of her moving to San Myshuno when she’s done with school. She’s so freakin’ smart and I’m pretty sure she could do anything she wants. And she’s still not into anyone so we’re safe there. I’m sure that’ll change once she’s away from home. As long as she doesn’t waste all her time in karaoke bars I think she’ll do just fine…

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  1. Argh Megs! I didn’t realise I haven’t caught up with your story! Super glad to be getting back into it. 🙂

    Oh gosh, FOUR children at the same time? It’s ironic that it’s Seiji who ended up having quadruplets out of all the siblings, haha! Little Roka is such a sweetheart! I just want to squish him. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re too good to me! I don’t deserve your readership! XD

      I love the surprise of multiples in my own family but in the townies it’s just sort of weird! The Feng couple has quads, too! They’re all still toddlers in this save and I’m just shaking my head, LOL.

      Liked by 1 person

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