Still Around!

Update for both new and old readers so you know I’ve not abandoned things here!

For those of you that follow me on twitter or the forums you might already know that my grandma recently passed away. That was the top of the month. Leading into that was a very tough and lengthy rough patch at work. That’s an ongoing story… I’ve also had a bad cold the whole month of September and it’s been pretty annoying. I’ve retained a cough and chorus rehearsals have started up so you can understand what a bad combo that might be.

Anyway, I fully intend to come back to my stories but I’m just not feeling the motivation at the moment. I have more ideas than I can keep up with but my execution isn’t quite up to my planning, lol.

I am very exited for the new expansion pack and I might have an idea to use those apartments and fit it into a story (maybe). I do have a WIP with a character living in an apartment so maybe this is the thing for me!

I also had an idea today while I was brooding (ha…) that I am going to mess around with and see if I can come up with something nice that way. (If work were less busy I would do it RIGHT NOW!)

Lots of love – thanks for still following me!

❤ Meggs


  1. Plenty of love, hugs and chocolate chip cookies for you! Take good care of yourself. ninjapig and I are available to chat any time if you’d like, and we’ll definitely read along once you’re back in your writing groove! ❤ ❤

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