*waves excitedly*


Again – not gone! Still thinking about my stories. Also, big thanks for reading, mystery people! 🙂

I played Newcrest last week and we’re still waiting on Gen 4 (13!). August is STILL with us, bless him. We may have a time jump depending on how things work. Nothing has happened to make me want to write vigorously but I’m sure I’ll get there if only I could make myself play for a while longer…

Also, I may need to pare down my CC… sweats

In personal news my family is doing work on the house and next week is de-cluttering time. An actual person is coming in to help. T_T I have my stuff in the basement and that’s where most of the work is going to be. I feel awkward about it but I’m thankful its being done. I suppose this is a Christmas gift? I’m considering just packing all my stuff up so if I move within in the year things are easier, LOL… Yikes.

I’ve been pretty active on twitter so if you ever need me you know where to find me! 🙂

Anyway, writing this makes me want to play Sims, of course, and I can’t because I have rehearsal tonight. Maybe afterwards (if I don’t play Cities Skylines instead… >_>)

Lots of love,



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