Build Newcrest: Chapter 3.10

Okaaaay, I know I should have told you about Tyler sooner. I honestly didn’t think it was important…

Okay, that’s a lie. He is very important to me. I just wanted to update you on how everyone was doing first.

…I’m going to deflect again and talk about writing!

My books are becoming very popular so the checks keep coming in! Oh, and one of my screenplays was picked up for the SimDance Film Festival so that’s gained me a bit of popularity now, too. Tyler’s current job is gardener and my personal PR department, ha! He runs my social media pages and deals with the media (when they come; I’m not that popular yet but they’re starting to trickle in…)

Oh, and Dad retired! He was so done with journalism. He said he wished he had chosen the author path because he thinks he’d be much happier. Either way, he’s happy with his retirement checks! He’s starting to gray now. Mom just had a birthday but she still looks pretty young. Yuko is almost a teenager, too. So many birthdays in this family…


As for my siblings, Seiji has a second girlfriend. Again. I don’t know what to do with this boy.


I told him he better break up with one of these girls or I’m going to tell BOTH of them. This is a really bad influence on Yuko. She has to know something is up; she’s not stupid.

Anyway… Mi and Edward just tied the knot so they moved out to be near Ichiro and Charlene. Edward’s a nice guy…


Okay, fine, so Tyler. He lived in Oasis Spring but we met at a party in Windenburg on one of the rare occasions I was social. I even dated his roommate, Tommy, for a while. He was nice and we liked the same TV shows but we didn’t really have a spark at all besides shared interests. Tyler and I, on the other hand, had an immediate spark. I’ve never had these feelings before so it was very strange for me.


I can hardly believe I even found someone I like enough to have him move in. Mom and dad are so non-traditionalists that they encouraged it, actually.


I’m not sure if we’ll get engaged but I think I wouldn’t mind being married to him…


I thought it was hard to talk about but it seems it’s hard to not gush, sorry…


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