ISBI: Back in the Saddle

So, HEY. It’s been a LONG TIME since we’ve checked in on Eva and Co.

I used my free time Saturday to clean up my saves. After my cleanup this was found to be my oldest save. Once I was done (and after lunch) I decided to head on in!

I had two pop ups when I got there – you know, the typical “150 pieces of CC were removed from your build/23 pieces of CAS CC were removed from your sims” junk (but not that many, goodness. Maybe at most 9 for one of the other). I hate the CAS pop up because I don’t like re-dressing my sims. I figured I’d have some nudies or baldies running around. You’ll see them, don’t worry.

Moving on…

HEY, it’s Eva!

05 20 16 9 40 37  PM


I have some sad news to report: Bray passed on. I know, it’s sad. You really liked him, remember? His silly nose ring and glasses… He was a good guy but Eva was a lot younger than him. Still, they had three beautiful children together. Let’s recap:

First was Ben, our red headed child. He’s a young adult now. Looking sharp, buddy. (His traits are cheerful, neat, and active).

05 20 16 9 25 12  PM


For our middle child we have Edward. He’s a teen at the moment and acts like it. Wonderful. (I’ll tell you his traits later.)

05 20 16 9 23 30  PM


Last but not least is little Brie. She’s a cutie pie.

05 20 16 9 24 00  PM


OMG WAIT! You never met Brie! I seem to have misplaced a small portion of pictures. I wonder if they’re sitting on my external hard drive or something… I’ll look around.

Anyway, what happened is tragic and so typical of late 2015 Megs (I know the last post was February but I was working with old screenies). Eva and Bray found out they were pregnant! Such joy! However, tragedy would soon strike as Bray was already an old man. He died before meeting his only daughter. Alas!

Or, I think that’s what happened. (Seriously, I’m gonna have to look for those pictures – I wouldn’t have not documented this!) He might have met her as a baby only and then died before she aged up. I don’t remember.

Back to the present. There’s a random person in my house! She’s been at the park before and I chastised her for wearing a crop top/brazier in public. She was helping take out the trash though so I’ll allow it. I mean, she’s also an adult so I have no say in what she wears now (she can make her own choices).

05 20 16 9 30 52  PM


Eva’s elder birthday had finally arrived and I sadly had her bake a cake. I am gonna miss that pink hair SO MUCH.

05 20 16 9 44 05  PM


She decided to take one last pink hair selfie with her eldest before her spin.

05 20 16 9 46 42  PM


I couldn’t decide which of the next two to use since they’re both so great so, congrats – you get to see both!

05 20 16 9 49 33  PM


Confetti for all!

05 20 16 9 49 41  PM


Ouch! Her back!

05 20 16 9 50 09  PM


Bray even sent his wife a text from the grave!

brayan text


Now, keep in mind, I haven’t played this save since before clubs were introduced and I have a feeling that clubs are definitely not allowed in this challenge but I honestly don’t care. I can only follow so many rules, you know?

I say this because Ed got invited to join Paragons.

05 20 16 10 11 05  PM

He’s dressed like this because he has about three outfits per category and I missed one in my re-dressing before. You should have seen him running after someone to get to this park! He escaped the house on his own!

What. Even. Who am I to argue who they deem worthy? (They would later invite Brie who was still a child but I skipped that opportunity). I sent him off to join them because WHY NOT? Then I sent the rest of the family because I do remember that rule; they must always be together. (That’s a rule, right?)

05 20 16 10 19 21  PM


He seemed to enjoy himself. I was disappointed to miss a great look from Siohban to the others where she looked like she was judging him severely. It was pretty funny and I kicked myself for not being on the ball.

05 20 16 10 53 48  PM


The rest of the family seemed to spawn far away from the pool and just started talking to random people. Eventually I got them all to follow Eva back to the pool. Ben then got INTO the pool. By this time, it was REALLY LATE. I checked his stats and he was very tired.


I didn’t want him to drown so I did my best to send them all home with Eva. It worked out OK. No deaths! \o/

Following this I thought a little more about clubs. The three eldest of the family were all a little tubby so I decided to make a yoga club.

05 22 16 1 04 43  PM


I called them the Yogis. It was cute. Eva had a nice stock of money so I bought a bunch of mats and meditating stools. At first it was just their family but then I decided to invited a few friends of the family. Siohban seemed to be pretty close to Edward now so over she came. Jazlyn was a good friend of Eva and she was the same age as Ben so over she came, too. (There was one other dude but he was added just because he looked like he would do yoga.)

05 22 16 1 05 12  PM


Yeah, I know this is technically cheating but I really just want to finish this first generation so I can either put a lid on this story or move in a new direction with a different setting (I’ll tell  you more later). 

Brie has been very diligent with her homework so she managed to gain an A all by herself! She came home from school with an illness but I’m sure it was worth it.

05 22 16 1 19 09  PM


Sometime during my playing binge, Ed got his age up warning but I forgot and so he spun into young adulthood without a cake. Whoops. His final traits are: outgoing, bro, and kleptomaniac.

05 22 16 12 22 44  PM


I’ve never had a klepto before so I thought, “huh, this could be interesting.” I was right. Since he used to auto program a lot I put him in the programmer’s career like his older brother. After his second or so day this message popped up:

edward no swiping


He swiped an $800.00 computer. WELL, I can’t have him return it so I guess I get to sell it! He swiped another one a couple days later! Money maker! Thanks, Ed!

Just after this I decided to run with my “technically cheating” idea and made a club for the boys. I called it “Make Love, Not War”. They invited Siohban and Jazlyn to join and I crossed my fingers there wouldn’t be any issues with jealousy.

It took some time but eventually Siohban and Ben started flirting! What!!!

05 22 16 3 37 42  PM


I thought she was a teenager! I checked her with MCC and she was well into her YA days. Good to know! She even kissed him!!!

omg kiss


I crossed my fingers that Ed and Jazlyn would start flirting but they didn’t this gathering. Darn. However, I still had hope.

Next it was time for Brie to age into a teenager and I made sure I wouldn’t miss her spin. Eva made a cake in her very show-offy way.

05 22 16 2 31 34  PM


Brie stepped up…

05 22 16 2 38 32  PM


Her traits are slob and good.

05 22 16 2 41 40  PM


She got a little makeover but I let her keep the hat.

Now I’ll go over what I consider to be my failure as a sim parent: the exhaustion shots.

Boom. Dirty and exhausted.

05 22 16 2 11 32  PM


Boom. On her way to bed (tragic).

05 22 16 11 55 52  AM


Boom. Brie doesn’t even stop eating to see if he’s okay.

05 22 16 1 28 26  PM


And boom. I just overworked her too much… Poor Eva.

05 22 16 12 08 56  PM


So, at their next gathering of MLNW, Jazlyn put the moves on Ed!

05 22 16 3 54 19  PM


He even got a kiss out of the deal!

05 22 16 3 52 54  PM



We’ll end on this sad little note:

what no!

previous chapter

– – – – – – – – – –

Author’s Note: So right, I mentioned that once we finished with gen 1 I was considering tabling this story and completing it. I don’t have the mental space for more than two legacy tales, yikes. I could say the same thing about Cosmo and his prettacy and who knows how far I’ll take that one BUT this one has been sitting for so long. This might work well as a LP challenge. I don’t do LPs so that’s out, lol.

My other idea is to transform this into a history ISBI. That could be fun.



  1. Just a quick comment before I read. I hate hate hate double hate when I go into an old build and somehow all of the cc that I have used is not there. Aargh! Lol. Now back to the read.

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