PRT: Tor Family

WELCOME FINALLY to my neighborhood rotation! It’s stupidly called “PRT” or “Poppin Round Town” and I hate that title so bear with me as I find a better name for it. 😛 (Pssssst! Give me ideas in the comments, maybe?)

I’ve missed this casual experience of my Ikedas so this will style will make a welcome return! Yessss! ❤ (I say this even though my ISBI is also pretty casual and I’m bringing it back, somewhat – OH WELL!)

This will pop around a bit disjointedly because I’m working from ancient screenies.

Anyway, let’s start with someone we’re slightly acquainted with. This is Marit Tor and she’s new to town. You may recognize her from her walk-on roll on the popular TV show: Tribe Wahine. She didn’t make it as a regular but she has proven her drive by appearing in a two-piece swimsuit. She means business!

 photo 10-01-15_11-06-50nbspPM.png


Right now, however, she’s just looking for a regular existence. Acting is fun but not currently for her. She’d rather live a job free life at the moment and then, eventually, settle down.

I say eventually but… life comes at you fast. Maybe she won’t get to stay free for long… JUST SAYING.

She’s musically inclined so she started pounding away at those keys.

 photo 10-01-15_11-07-36nbspPM.png


Then on to guitar.

 photo 10-01-15_11-09-16nbspPM.png


She took a break when Eliza Pancakes (pre-makeover) knocked at her front door.

 photo 10-01-15_11-10-12nbspPM.png


At the time I hadn’t typically interacted with the premades but, this time, I thought I would give it a shot.

 photo 10-01-15_11-11-09nbspPM.png


Then Momo Ikeda-Castle (one of the Ikeda spares!) came over! I really wanted to have her and her rich husband join the town and have a life since I loved her so much. Her sister, Asami, and family moved here, too. Asami started a bakery! Momo will end up with a photography studio since she’s so multi-talented (I think, it’s been a while).

 photo 10-01-15_11-12-29nbspPM.png


Later on I sent Marit to work on her cooking and baking skills. This particular household was started so I could skill her up for her audition for Tribe Wahine so that’s why she’s flitting around so much.

 photo 10-01-15_11-18-30nbspPM.png


Despite cutting her finger at the start she ended up being pretty decent with a knife…

 photo 10-01-15_11-18-51nbspPM.png


Her baked goods look nice, too!

 photo 10-02-15_5-57-43nbspPM.png


And she is so lovely playing violin…

 photo 10-02-15_6-06-24nbspPM.png



 photo 10-02-15_6-07-26nbspPM.png


Another neighbor popped on over and his name was Cornelius.

 photo 10-01-15_11-31-53nbspPM.png


Marit liked him.

 photo 10-01-15_11-34-13nbspPM.png


She liked him a LOT.

 photo 10-01-15_11-40-12nbspPM.png


Even though she was meant to be skilling I let her take some time for romance. This wasn’t in the plan!

 photo 10-01-15_11-50-46nbspPM.png



Neither was this…

 photo 10-02-15_12-03-17nbspAM.png


He is rightly shocked. They’ve only known each other for a few days!

 photo 10-02-15_12-03-34nbspAM.png


Still, they both seem to be pretty trusting and I guess in love enough that he accepted her proposal right away! I mean, they’re expecting a baby together!

 photo 10-02-15_12-06-47nbspAM.png


Marit is not one to mess around so they got married as soon as possible. She went for the sultry red dress instead of white. Cornelius took her last name because they’re a modern couple.

 photo 10-02-15_12-20-49nbspAM.png


Soon came time for her baby to be born!

 photo 10-02-15_6-17-58nbspPM.png


A boy!

 photo 10-02-15_6-19-08nbspPM.png


And another boy! Oy. Twins again? They named them Luca and Lee

 photo 10-02-15_6-25-47nbspPM.png


It was time to receive more well-wishers. Another familiar face came to visit! Sidney Webb from Love Shot 2!

 photo 10-04-15_9-09-11nbspAM.png


And then Bob stopped by. He doesn’t really seem to get the hint in any games I play. This is the second time he’s interrupted lovey-dovey time with a couple (they were macking on the couch before he showed up). (Click here for the pic from that post.)

 photo 10-04-15_10-06-05nbspAM.png


Moving forward, the couple decided that they would start working out a bit since having babies does stuff to you. They took turns jogging.

 photo 10-04-15_10-18-31nbspAM.png


Hop to it!

 photo 10-04-15_10-20-03nbspAM.png


Yet they were still able to find time to snuggle together at home.

 photo 10-04-15_10-23-54nbspAM.png


Or play chess!

 photo 10-04-15_10-29-39nbspAM.png


Fast forward a bit… The boys aged into little cuties, as they typically do. Best friends already! The blond is Luca and the brunet is Lee. (OT, it is strange to write those hair colors as masculine – I’m not used to it!)

 photo 10-04-15_11-09-07nbspAM.png


I’m including this shot because I love that their dad is sleeping in the background.

 photo 10-04-15_11-10-22nbspAM.png


They’re so tight that they decided to become partners in crime! Watch out, world!

 photo 10-04-15_11-11-30nbspAM.png


Even evil masterminds have to sleep sometime, though.

 photo 10-04-15_11-21-10nbspAM.png


Anyway, we’ll leave Marit to her cooking. She’s got to make sure all her boys are fed. PLUS that husband of hers better fix that sink soon or he’s not getting supper!

 photo 10-04-15_11-23-15nbspAM.png


The next family I think I’ll show off is probably going to be one of those mentioned in this post. So I guess we could soon see Sidney, The Pancakes, Momo, or Asami. (Did I get them all?)

ACTUALLY, who would you like to see next? Let me know in the comments!

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